SJGH Medical Guarded Unit Interview

  1. Hi nurses,

    I got an interview at SJGH Medical Guarded Unit in Stockton as a New Grad Nurse. I got selected for an oral exam and I was wondering if anyone has taken this oral exam? Also, I have never worked in a guarded unit with immates, is there any advice you nurses can give me?

    Thanks!!! =)
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  3. by   CityRn
    Hi Fungus,

    I was wondering if you are now working for sjgh? I have made it through the oral exams now im waiting for the hiring interview. Do you have any tips or advice?
  4. by   waterfall88
    Hello CityRN,

    I guess you are working at sjgh right now. so proud of you.
    could you give me any tips how the oral interview will be held? will there be any clinical questions?..scenarios, what are the interview questions? I will have an interview next week, I really want this job, I don't want to relocate, and wanted to see if I could get any tips or information on how it went from you. Hope to hear back from you. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. by   m_roxas
    Hi waterfall88, just wanted to check to see how your oral interview went. Hope you got hired. I am up for an oral interview with SJGH next week and was wondering if you would be open to sharing your experience with me. I know you were also looking for some advice to prepare for your interview so you can understand how nervous I am too. Any tips would help! Thanks.