Nurse Manager Interview

  1. I need to write a nurse manager paper.
    Can a nurse manager please write their own descriptions and answers to the following:

    • What was your educational preparation for role
    • What is your professional experience and career path
    • What is your leadership style and why
    • What is your role within the organization, and are there any challenges in the role
    • Your greatest accomplishments in nursing
    • Your beliefs about nursing/future of nursing
    • What do you think makes a person qualified to be a nurse manager

    Thank you to anyone who answers these questions
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    An "interview" is meant to be in person for this type of assignment. Coming here and asking someone to do this for you is wrong and, frankly, short sighted. This is an opportunity to build bridges in your community for potential connections to getting hired once you graduate. Go find a real person.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   aibisevic1
  5. by   aibisevic1
    oh I'm sorry I did not know you were family with my assignment or my situation. Apparently an interview has to be in person. Our assignment could be in person, through email, it didn't matter. Your comment was unnecessary. I hope you are not a nurse manager on any floor and if you are I really feel for the people working with you. Maybe comment a little less on things you had no business commenting on and focus on yourself and your attitude. Thanks for the feedback
  6. by   not.done.yet
    Wow, that really got under your skin, didn't it? I am not a manager. I am a graduate prepared Nurse Educator. Homework assignments are not intended for this kind of "shortcut", which is why nobody is responding to your request.

    Best of luck in school.