New Grad Two Job Offers – CA Edition 2016

  1. Hello allnurses,

    I wrote how to pass the CALIFORNIA NCLEX-RN in 60 Questions, and I figure I should write one on what I did to get two job offers and a third interview next week.

    If you've ever read my Pass CALIFORNIA NCLEX-RN in 60 Questions thread, then you can expect similar level of originality in this thread, also.

    After the initial customary greetings:

    1) Do not speak until spoken to.
    This include: do not volunteer any information when not specifically asked, and do not voluteer any thing that hurts you unless you're cornered.
    When cornered, spin a negativity into a positivity, e.g. “That's true, and here is what I learned from it and this is why X can be an asset to this new position.”

    2) Whenever appropriate, always interject your sale pitch (some variations of “Hearing X makes me even more excited to work here”).

    3) Talk to everyone in the room.
    Both interviews I had a 3-panel setup: one hiring manager and two clinical coordinators. For the person who asked the question, that person gets 50% of my attention, the other 50% split.

    4) Be a boss; take ownership.
    Get a good sense of when the interview is in the middle portion, this is when you want to start weaving questions into your answers.

    My first interview, it was like a school kid answering his teacher. I did not get a call back.

    My second and third interviews, it was like a high school student in the first half; in the second half it was like an adult speaking to another adult. I got both offers.

    My upcoming fourth interview will be like my 2nd/3rd's.

    General Theme: Why should I hire you? Work within this context when interviewing.
    General Attitude: Competence – Boast you can hold my own, yes, even as a new grad: something as simple as perfect attendance at school and at current job.

    (Planning to submit my negotiation experience for the Winter Contest).
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    It's not possible to pass the NCLEX RN in 60 questions because at a minimum the test has 75 questions.
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    Quote from Lev <3
    It's not possible....
    A train wreck seen a million (?) miles away....

    ....It'd be nice if comments are more on topic, such as sharing successful interview sessions vs unsuccessful interview sessions, etc.
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