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    I was wondering if I could get an advice from you guys about my next job interview. Was wondering if in your opinion okay to tell them that you quit your previous job 2 years ago, not your current employer, because you're fiance passed away and you needed a new environment to help you move on? that's because I moved from las vegas, to california because of that 2 years ago, and now I've decided to come back. Will that imply as a negative thing for me, or should I just say for my personal growth instead of being specific? Would really appreciate your opinion. thanks
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    I would avoid mentioning the loss of your fianc. While it would be unlikely that the comment gives the interviewer a negative view of you, it creates an awkward moment for both you and the interviewer. There would have to be an obligatory "I'm sorry for your loss," and remember that not everyone is comfortable talking about death or personal business. It could make the interviewer feel uncomfortable, or remind them of their own negative personal experience.

    Bottom line is you want to keep the interview as positive as possible and give the interviewer the best impression that you can. You want to leave him with good associations and memories of your meeting. You don't want to him to have memories of feeling uncomfortable or not knowing what to say, and you don't want your meeting to remind him of his favorite uncle who just passed away.

    Simply saying that you left your former job because you were moving out of state (if the question comes up at all) will suffice as an answer.