Is it ok to interview for 2 different units in same hospital?

  1. I currently work on neuroscience/spine unit and had applied for a position on OB unit at same hospital awhile back and hadn't heard anything for awhile and a position came up on Rehab unit so applied for that one as well. Well I ended up receiving a call from OB unit and set up an interview for a month from now and just received another call to set up an interview for Rehab. Is it ok to interview for 2 different units is same hospital am currently working in? I guess it would really give me the opportunity to see which unit I would enjoy the most and get a feel for both unit managers. And how would i go about talking to my current manager? Any comments appreciated!
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  3. by   veggie530
    Yes it's okay to interview for 2 positions in the same hospital... they haven't guaranteed you a job. You need to look out for yourself.

    As far as your current manager... honesty is the best policy in my opinion.
  4. by   BloomNurseRN
    You should absolutely interview for both! You can easily be interested in each position for very different reasons and I don't see any reason why interviewing for both would be a problem. Telling your manager can be tricky, depending on her personality. Normally when job hunting I would say not to tell a manager but obviously if it's within the same organization you have to because it's probably going to get around at some point. Honesty and openness is a good policy and if they are supportive of your goals, they will understand. Good luck!
  5. by   Cls62011
    Thanks for responding! I have 2 interviews set up but they're both scheduled almost a month a part so have a feeling if the 1st interview offers me a position I'll have to decide before the other interview which would be a bummer. The bright side- I got both interviews!!
  6. by   NursingGCW
    yes I did i had one in icu and another in med surg/renal ONE DAY APART It's been a week since my icu one yesterday I found out I GOT THE JOB! so even if med surg/renal comes back unfortunately I got the ICU position lined up first...i really wanted that one