Interview vent

  1. Today I had an interview at a hospital a couple hours from me and I feel that I completely blew it! I walked to a pretty intense atmosphere with a panel of 3 interviewers. The first question I was asked was why I was there. I thought I was doing okay until the manager said "I want to switch gears a bit. I can see you're nervous but I'm not getting a sense of who you are. Take a deep breath and relax. Tell me why you're here again."

    Ughhhhh. This was followed by her saying she makes the interviews tough because the PICU is a tough place to start. She said that it would be especially tough as I would be relocating to a new area without any family nearby.

    As a new grad, I'm open to any area but I feel like I made a complete fool of myself today. I will be sending a thank you email tomorrow but am definitely sure I did not get the job!
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  3. by   NurseRazzy
    As another new grad I understand how you feel and I've felt that way after an interview too. For now Just hope for the best and stay positive. You never know maybe they see something in you. If anything see it as a learning experience. Now you know the types of questions asked and how they tested your reaction under stress, so next time you will be more confident and will shine brighter. Good Luck
  4. by   OatmanK
    Just because she said those things doesn't mean that you absolutely didn't get the job. A lot of people are nervous at interviews, and you never know how you compare to the others who went in. Most people leave interviewers feeling very uncertain or certain that they won't be getting the job.

    Did you feel like you were extremely nervous? Were you aware that you may be giving off that vibe? If you don't get this job, use it as a lesson to prepare for future interviews. Remember that although interviews should be taken seriously, just be yourself and try to relax. Remember that everyone there is a human being, just like you. Many times even they can get nervous!
  5. by   Lame
    Thanks for the replies! I did not think I was all that nervous but I do have a tendency to talk fast when I'm under pressure so maybe that's why.

    But yes, definitely a good learning experience! Thanks again everyone! I will keep you posted.