Interview for ortho/neuro position

  1. Hello I have an interview for an rn position on an ortho/neuro floor Monday. Can anyone give me advice on what interview questions to expect? Also I'm a new grad and have no experience. Any tips would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   MJB2010 slide down and click on interview guide, I was asked several of these questions.

    Make sure you research the hospital read the whole website their mission, their awards etc. And have some questions prepared to ask them (what are the patient ratios, how long is the orientation, most common diagnosis & types of surgeries youll care for)

    They always ask your strengths and weakness, and they always ask "why should we hire you"

    Good Luck!!!!
  4. by   TNR-RN
    I am also a new grad and recently got hired on a neuro floor. My interview was more or less a behavioral type what would you do if a team member wasn't doing their share of work? do you handle criticism....tell me about yourself and why you want to be a nurse will be the most important question! I suggest you research behavioral type interview questions and prepare answers for the questions. You don't necessarily have to be rehearsed but you should look like you cared enough to take the time to prepare. Also it will help ease your nerves if you are prepared.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  5. by   Rayray15
    MJB2010 gives excellent advice. I would look up the mission and vision of the hospital. I know on my last interview, which they ended up hiring me, they appreciated that I knew it and somehow incorporated it into my interview answers. Also a lot of situational questions, such as dealing with conflict, teamwork, feeling overwhelmed and how you handle it. And ask them questions!!...It looks bad if you come without some sort of questions about the position. Since you don't have any experience try to really sell yourself on your clinical experiences!

    Best of luck!
  6. by   rimpy deol
    I have an interview tomorrow at neuro unit as an RPN, I am so nervous about it. I don't know how to prepare. Please give me tips. Thanks everybody.....