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  1. Hey guys ... I sent my resume to a nurse manager of the floor I precepted on my senior year... and she forwarded it to the HR department. The HR department reached out to me to "follow-up" and schedule a "time for a call" ....

    Just wondering what to expect? Will this be an interview? Or just to schedule an interview with the nurse manager?

    Just looking for some guidance and advice!
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  3. by   dianah
    It is difficult to read the mind of the person who left the message!
    My gut says the person might
    1. thank you for your interest, there are no available positions now but we will consider you for future openings (me: how long will you keep my resume and application active?)
    2. we have an opening you might be interested in, when would you be available for an interview?

    I hope you hear soon, and that it is Option 2. you get!