How many candidates interview for one position?

  1. This question is for any nurse recruiters or hiring managers out there.

    How many applicants do you usually interview for a position? I am having a panel interview with a hospital's new grad program and would like to get an idea of how my competition will be like in this process. they said they want to hire 3 per unit, and there are 5 units open. how many people do you think this hospital would interview?

    Also, how do you select applicants to interview from the piles of applications?
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  3. by   Kdrenee
    I am not a nurse manager or anything like that, but what I have HEARD, is that some hospitals have a computer program that searches through the applications and looks for key words on resumes and such that have to do with the posistion they are trying to fill. My sister in law is a nurse manager, and she says sometimes she has at least 50 appliations to go thorugh after HR weeds the Nos out.

    BUT, since you arleady have the interview I think you probably have a good chance! When I interviewd for my last job as a PCA (I know its probably a lot different from the job you are applying for) my nurse manager said she was filling 2 spots and had about 10 people to interview! Obviously there will be more than 10 interviews in your situation since there are more open spots, but thats just an idea. Just kick-a** in the interview, and be confident!!

    Good luck!!
  4. by   newgradtitan
    thanks for your insight! i hope i get it.
  5. by   dah doh
    I'm usually part of the panel interviews. It depends, but we usually interview 10-20 applicants over 2 days for 2-4 positions. HR will weed through the hundreds of applications and our manager has her interview picks as well, but the panel selects the new hires based on consensus.