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  1. I graduated in December 2012 and was licensed in March 2013 first try. I had my first interview on April 17 in the Ped's ER in a Metropolitan Hospital. At first I was nervous but when I saw that the Head Nurse that was interviewing me was young I became to be more comfortable. I personally thought that I answered the questions with confidence but when I was introduced to the Assistant Head Nurse (much older lady) the first thing she asked me was do I have Peds experience, but the Head nurse said oh no she's a new grad. I honestly felt really good talking with the Head Nurse but not so much with the Assistant Head Nurse. Lastly I followed up with a thank you email to the Head Nurse. My question is do you think I would have a chance as a new grad? Also, if I should do anything else to increase me chances of getting this job? Thanks for the suggestions in advance.
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    I don't have any suggestions because I'm not even in nursing school myself. But I'm anticipating becoming a Peds NP. I was wondering if you would share with me if you have a BSN or what not and what area of the country you are job searching. (I'm just trying to get different perspectives from anyone I can.)

    I will say that my cousin who graduated with a BSN in 2011 found a job in a magnet hospital in a big city with no experience because she really clicked with the head nurse she interviewed with who wasn't overly concerned about her new grad status. There's always a chance! Best of luck in your search!
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply. First congrats to your cousin for landing a job. Next, I am in the USA I live in New York. This is my second degree, I hold a Bachelor in Psychology and I have my Associates in Nursing. Also the position that I got interviewed at is the same hospital I currently work. Are you currently taking pre-reqs?
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    I am finishing up my Bachelor's in Psychology right now

    I would think that you have a much better chance since the position is already at the hospital you work at. For one of the nursing programs I'm applying too the coordinator said that even volunteer experience at a hospital that knows you is better than nothing when trying to apply. I am finishing up my last pre-req right now which is Anatomy. I'm sending good vibes your way and let me know what happens with the job.

    Also, since you made your best impression with the head nurse, I would think what the assistant head nurse thinks doesn't matter as much. There's also no saying you didn't make a bad impression on her, rather you are dealing with circumstances everyone has to deal with at some point--being a new grad.
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    Aww thanks so much. I really appreciate your kind words and insight. Also, good luck to you on your Nursing journey. I will update you regarding this once I hear something. I really hope that I land the job.