Ever had a gut feeling it was just awkward?

  1. I generally interview very well because of a lot of practice. I have never been turned down after an interview (of course the hardest part is getting to this interview stage because I have to pester HR until I get one). Also, I'm a relatively new nurse, which is why I bring this to you guys.

    I had a very "awkward" experience. I was recently contacted by a recruiter who acted really excited about bringing me in to interview at their NICU. I don't have a formal NICU background, but my previous nursing experience was in a PICU which took on the cardiac kidos and the ones the NICU didn't have room for. I didn't act any different than I did in any other interview, but after the interview I just had a feeling in my gut that something was off about the whole thing.

    Part of me thinks they were skeptical that a male was interested in a NICU job? I know it isn't unheard of...I've read the AN threads about male NICU nurses. I gave them what I thought were legitimate reasons for wanting to switch fields. They showed interest in my resume and personality, but something still just felt off. When thinking about it in retrospect, the interviewers didn't really "sell the job". They mentioned more than once that it is a level III NICU, but they don't get very high acuity patients and I won't be "on my toes" as much as I may expect.

    Maybe it's my selective memory trying to make sense of a confusing situation...maybe it's my gut telling me something. They told me to expect to hear back "some time next week" (which is this week). If I was offered the job, I don't feel like it would be "right" to accept it. At the same time, it would be "wrong" to turn down a job because of how excruciatingly difficult it is for us to get one right now, especially in a field you're passionate about.

    Anyways...the main question: Have any of you had an awkward feeling after an interview? If you took the job, were you right about your gut instinct? If you didn't, are you kicking yourself right now?

    Sorry that was so long...this just seemed like a "healthy" therapeutic outlet for my anxiety. Alcohol, drugs, and punching kittens just didn't work the way they usually do
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  3. by   lhflanurseNP
    My past experience, professional as well as personal, if your gut feeling is not good...listen to it. I have burned many times by not following my instincts. Good luck!