Bringing Scrubs to Interview

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just scheduled an interview for the Resource Pool at my local hospital. The recruiter told me to wear interview attire for the interview and also to bring scrubs and appropriate shoes to shadow.

    So I know what I will be wearing. My issue is about bringing the scrubs along.
    Do I leave my scrubs in the car for the interview and go grab them in between? I was thinking about bringing a bag in to the interview with my scrubs to avoid making two trips to the car. But what is an acceptable bag to bring them in? I don't want to bring any of the tote bags I have because they're all really loud and distracting. Is a neutral colored big purse acceptable?

    I tried to look this up but I could only find topics about wearing scrubs to the actual interview... Thank you in advance for any insight!!
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  3. by   adventure_rn
    I'd write/call HR and ask them. Given the circumstances, I'm sure this question comes up all of the time. For instance, you could ask them if there would be time to grab your stuff out of the car, or if there's a place where you could leave your interview attire with HR (since you're not going to want to haul your formal attire around with you while you shadow). If you ask, they'll probably tell you what they recommend, or at least what your options are.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    I find it a little odd that you're going to shadow immediately after an interview...but if that's how they do it, that's how they do it.

    I'd bring the scrubs in a neutral bag. Or call HR and ask their recommendation.

    Best of luck.