Nursing interventions and discharge needs for pt with bile duct leak?


I'm bad with making interventions (in 2nd semester). The pt I was assigned has a bile leak after a gall bladder removal. Other than the usual SCDS/TEDS, inspirex, ambulation and pain med/assessment; are there any other interventions I should know?

vitals are normal, but she does have low albumin, Tprotein and calcium levels. & abdominal pain.

PMH include GERD, HTN, and sleep apnea & is obese,

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You're not going to get better at interventions by asking anonymous people on the Internet to furnish you with the answers. These assignments are intended to make you think critically, which you must do as a nurse every day of your career. You can try brainstorming with your classmates and/or doing your own research using NANDA, your med-surg book, and other resources.

Good luck to you in your studies.

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The other thing to keep in mind is that nursing diagnoses are not based on the medical diagnosis. Yes, that may have some influence, but the nursing diagnoses come from the nursing assessment of the patient. The focus is on the patient as a whole, not the parts related to the medical diagnosis.