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What type of diagnosis should I go with if I want to have interventions revolving around having family time spent doing homework, and helping teach the homework; time spent together as a family. The diagnosis I want to use is Impaired parenting, but I cannot find any interventions that work. Anything helps! Thanks!


Is there something that is preventing them from having good parenting skills? Can you address why they are not doing this in the first place? What can you do to help them spend time together as a family? Can you help them plan their schedule? Can you teach them why this is a priority? Can you teach them some ways/games to make this time fun? Can you teach them some parenting skill that will help and ask them to demonstrate it back to you? Which of these can you really do in the time you have alotted?

Don't forget...Your intervention needs to be nurse fixable & you have to cite the source you used that tells you your intervention is EBP.

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What care plan book do you have? Care plans/nursing diagnosis is all about the assessment of the patient and their situation.

What are the circumstances/assessment that have caused you to come to this conclusion?

What did you see that made you diagnose "impaired parenting"? I see the list on pages 302-3 of the NANDA-I 2012-2014, which is the reference for defining characteristics for nursing diagnoses, and I don't see anything like, "Not helping the kids with their homework" in there as a support for this diagnosis. :)

See, you can't choose a diagnosis that sounds good and then try to cram facts into it. If, when you look at that very extensive list of defining characteristics for that nursing diagnosis, you find some that fit the family, then those will suggest your interventions. That's the way it works: Identify diagnostic points/defining characteristics first, make diagnosis second, then decide on interventions third.

Saying you want to justify an intervention of more family time/doing homework together/etc. without a diagnosis supported by any facts is doing it exactly backwards...and that's what you're finding it doesn't work for you. It won't.

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