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Hi everyone

I have 2 semesters left of nursing school, fall semester I will care for babies and their mothers.

I decide to become a nurse, because i am interested working for insurance company as RN review medical records and to decide to pay claims or not. After I am done with school, I will not work at bed side unless in am starving to death. Yes, I know it is hard to predict what is going to happens, but i am sure that nursing at bed side would be my last choice.

Any way, I am not sure if I would be able to pick mental health floor per my intended place of internship, so in the next month or so i need to decide on what floor i would be working for my internship.

My goal of internship is to clean least amount of buts.

What floor should i pick ? My options: medical surg floor, peds, mother and baby floor, icu or emergency room floor.

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I think a general med/surg unit would be the best fit for your planned career with an insurance coverage. It is the most "general" specialty. It will also be most likely where you will be able to find a job in the future should you need a bedside job someday in the future.

Finally, clinical placements in places like mother/baby, peds, etc. are rare -- and coveted by those students who dream of working on such units. If you manage to get such a spot, you'll be taking if from someone who really wants that spot bad and needs it to get the job he/she dreams of. Please don't hurt one of your classmates by taking any placemet that is in such high demand.

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Before you go getting your hopes up or making that decision you might wanna see if insurance places even hire nurses with no bedside / experience.

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