Transitioning to Nursing Informatics

  1. I was curious the CEU's from the website Nursing Informatics Learning Center are acceptable in the US. I came from an ER background, 3yrs, and am now transitioning to Nursing Informatics. I was able to get into the same hospital I worked ER at and get into their Informatics department, which is tiny only having about 6 people working in it, including me. Because we are a small hospital our role is mostly being a super user for the hospital. I've been at it for about 2 months now working night shifts on my own. Because we are a small hospital, they have 1-2 superusers in the AM and 1 during the PM shift, 12hrs shifts.

    I would like to further my education within the nursing informatics field and therefore would like to get certified. If you have any others words of wisdom for someone transitioning over it would be most appreciated!

    Thank you very much!
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    Have you considered joining ANIA? American Nursing Informatics Association

    I believe you get access to CEs or a certification review discount as part of membership.
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    I will definitely look into joining! But first I am trying to get some Informatics CEU's completed so that I can apply them towards renewing my nursing license. Still working on them on the website.