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  1. Technology realy is GREAT!

    If you were unable to attend the Institute of Medicine's(IOM) Annual Meeting do not dispare.

    Below are the links to the presentations from the October 15-16, 2001 IOM Annual Meeting. The Oct 15 sessions include presenations addressing Bioinformatics, Quality, Clinical decision support in reducing medical errors, Developing a National Health Information vision, Telecommunications, E-Health, and Empowring Consumers.

    As a matter of fact one of the presenters is one of our own, Pat Brennan, RN, PhD, Professor of Nursing and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

    Audio and Slide Presentations are available from the IOM Annual Meeting held October 15-16. Day one of the meeting focused on information technology and health, and day two addressed the relationship between industry, academia, and the investigator.

    Presentations from October 15 are available at

    Presentations from October 16 are available at

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    Yes, I've edited the links in the original post and checked them.
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