Nursing informatics for newly registered nurse

  1. Hi I would like to pursue nursing informatics but I know that taking a specialization requires you to have clinical experience and the only thing I have is when I was still a student nurse and the employment as a staff nurse is so hard here in the philippines I am just curious on how would I start what should I focus on.. and are there any trainings available that I should know of?
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  3. by   rninformatics
    I am assuming you are a Registered Nurse in the Philippines but that you have never actually practiced as an RN in niether the Philippines or the US? Most roles in nursing informatics require you hold a degree in nursing, a valid RN ( or even LPN/LVN) license and have practiced as a nurse. There are jobs out there within this specialty for non nurses most of those require other clinical speicifc backgrounds - Pharmacy, Lab Technologist, Cardiology or Ultrasound Technologists, etc. Roles within nursing or clinical informatics for non-clinicians are out there but they are few and far between as part of the role would be your credibility as an experienced clinician who has practiced and knows where the other clinicians are coming from. Knows the work flow and issues faced during care delivery and the practice of nursing, medicine, etc.
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  4. by   yeng_27
    Thank you for your advice I've also read your article and other post and I'm inspired to pursue it but first as you've said I need to practice my profession I hope I could get some experience here because there are almost 200,000 nurses here that are unemployed and its really a battle of who you know inside the institution and not about skills and knowledge to be employed but anyways wish me luck..