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  1. To those experienced in informatics,

    I am looking for advice in regards to advancing in the field. Currently I am working on a degree in informatics. In order to gain more experience in the field I applied to a few jobs within my own hospital that had openings in informatics related jobs.

    Both positions offered me the opportunity, but now of course I have to choose. I was hoping to inquire those with experience in the field which would likely be the better launch point.

    The first is a clinical informatics specialist, and thus is the most obvious related job. This would essentially be working on the electronic health record, making updates and alterations for a particular unit's assessments. While this is good experience, I have a few concerns. First, during my interview sets there was a slight disconnect between the vision for the position from my immediate management, and upper management. Additionally, the position serves less of a bridge between clinical and computer science. Instead it seems to be utilized more as a coding position.

    The second position is an educational coordinator for clinical software. This job is less obviously related, but still has great opportunity. This position teaches staff, including nurses and physicians, on the use of clinical software applications within the hospital. Additionally, it develops computer based learning modules, conducts filming and editing, website management, and at times serves as an IT help desk resource. The education department is largely considered the best run and supportive of the departments, and I feel if anyone was going to write a glowing review it would be this department.

    That said, those with experience in the field should have a better perspective as to which is the better environment to learn and grow in. Any advice or guidance you would have is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   nurse_flo_marie
    So I'm not an experienced nurse in informatics, but have looked into it a bit.

    First, Congratulations on being offered two positions!

    In order to advance in any field, I feel like you really need to have an idea of where your passion lies and what you want to be doing. Not just what the job is offering. I'm used to seeing Clinical Specialists having an active role in education and interacting with patients and staff. Maybe it is different at your company.
    But if you want to get away from the people-aspect of nursing, that role may help you learn more of the tech side. If you'd miss the interactions, go in the other direction.
    Did they provide you with a job description so you can compare and contrast?
  4. by   ikarus7401
    The first position will give you a better exposure to the project lifecyle.
    I don't know what you mean by the following though: . Additionally, the position serves less of a bridge between clinical and computer science. Instead it seems to be utilized more as a coding position.

    The training position...if you really enjoy training and developing training modules, then take this position; but usually in this type of position, you're 'stuck' in one of the software lifecycle phases, which is training of course. This might pigeonhole you for future jobs because then you will be seen as a trainer, and not an analyst.
  5. by   Informatics Queen
    As an experienced Clinical Informatics Specialists I can advise that the role truly entails more than teaching/training users. While this is certainly a part of the role, testing/validating clinical workflow functionality is also a huge part of my role. It's unfortunate that the role you were offered isn't used as a true liaison between the end user and IS. I'm also curious as to how this role is utilized as a coder?