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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been a registered nurse for 3 1/2 years now. A oppurtunity came up I was able to get a position as a RN but dealing with EPIC EMR. My hospital has decided it wants to roll out EPIC in 2 years. I need to take a EPIC assessment test before I can actually get an interview and it's freaking me out. I am a super user for EPIC and I feel very comfortable with it, however I keep reading sites that is telling me the EPIC assessment test is more SAT like, asking math and English grammar questions. Nurses who have taken this test,is this true or is this test based on your knowledge of the EPIC program itself?

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  3. by   ikarus7401
    If you were to apply to get a job with the company Epic, they do give an epic assessment test which is like an SAT, but it also has some tricky logic questions.

    However, I have been in hospitals who were going to implement Epic that also give an assessment test, but this test is more like a functionality test to see what you know about the application(s).

    Since you said it was your hospital, I'm of the opinion that the test is like the 2nd scenario I mentioned, but this is the informatics world, things are always changing, so maybe you want to clarify with whoever is giving the test to see what it might be about. Functionality or logic test?
  4. by   cattieanne
    I have an opportunity to work for a hospital who will be doing a assessment test. Can you tell me more about the functionality test? And where I can find more about what types of questions they will ask.
  5. by   mmc51264
    I have never heard of this before! Interesting. How are you supposed to get experience with EPIC if where you go to school/captsone/work does not use EPIC. There are lots of places using Meditech and Cerner. I'll have to see if we do that where I work. We get travelers nurses that struggle with EPIC
  6. by   anigre
    Did you ever find a guide or something for an Epic assessment test?
  7. by   Baylor101
    did anyone find out aboutthis topic