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Hello guys I'm kinda interested in taking up nursing informatics although i dont have experience yet and I just passed the board exam last july 2011.. I just wanted to ask if there is a way that I could pursue this career..


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You can go to this part of the forum:

Your question has been asked there multiple times. Please browse through the pages, read the questions and answers, find questions similar to yours, and and you will see the same response over and over again---get clinical experience, and as you get your clinical experience, try to sharpen your skills in using the electronic record your hospital uses. Also, get involved with your nursing unit in being a representative to meet with the informatics team. Obviously, not sure how it works in the Phillipines, but at least in the USA, having experience is a major criteria in informatics. But please, read the questions in the forum. A lot of information is already posted there.