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  1. by   mydeceit
    Hey guys a new update regarding the training/misc fee. I just applied for the training feb 2013 and now the training fee is 5.5k.
  2. by   bluescluesRN
    In my case, I had my interview a week after.
  3. by   bluescluesRN
    submitted my requirements to the guard, 2 weeks after i had my exam, a week after i was interviewed (just study the nursing procedures). The training fee is P5200 according to the one who oriented, inclusion of 2 uniforms and the manual. you have to get 85% and above to be included in the man pooling. they will hire according to your batch & ranking.
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  4. by   queendee1
    hi, i also submitted requirements in WCMC last Feb. 11,my friend already received a text msg from the HR for an exam schedule,unfortunately i haven't received any tx msg yet. Though, my friend said that she was told that the process of scheduling the exam is in alphabetical order,anyone who knows if this is true? thanks.
  5. by   GreenYellow
    What does their lecture compose of? And how are you evaluated?
  6. by   amaezing12
    I have submitted my documents to the lady guard exactly 2 weeks from now but still there's no text or call from them. Should I call them? Do you have a contact number of their Nursing Training Office? Can you guys share it with me? Thanks in advance. God bless.
  7. by   amaezing12
    I had my exams today. It was fairly hard. They also told me to wait for their text/call for an interview. They are also still accepting documents for nurse training.
  8. by   sabuRiNa
    Good day. I just want to share my experience with WCMC. My friend and I passed our resumes to the lady guard in the information. Almost a month passed and we haven't received any feedback. I called the HR last June 10. I was invited to take the exam the next day, June 11. I was so shocked that I want to know if there will be other dates take the exam. So I talked to my friend and then asked her to call the HR as well. When she called the HR, she was connected to the NSO. The staff in NSO to wait for the call of HR. We both got confused because there is only 10mins difference or less when we called the HR. So we just followed the instruction given to me for the exam. We came in the HR. To our surprised there were a lot of HR STAFFS. We then realized why there were different instructions given to us. We assumed that those staff there are HR TRAINEES. We thought we will have problems prior to taking the exam because of the different instruction. We took the exam for nurses with other applicants for different position. We were just 4 RNs that time.

    Upon entering the exam room you will fill up a form then pass it along with your resume. Then, you will ask to write down contact details in their logbook. Afterwards, you can take the exam. No time limit mentioned. After the exam, the hr staff will just tell you to wait for their call.

    Bring the basic materials. Pen calculator and pencil
  9. by   kfma
    Hi i just want to ask if they have a regular monthly schedule for their nurse training programs? or do i just go ahead and submit the requirements you listed? thanks!
  10. by   sabuRiNa
    Just pass your resume. You have two options, pass the resume to the lady guard or she will allow you to pass it directly to the HR. There will be a piece of paper where the list of requirements to be submitted and the HR contact number are listed. For my case, I just passed it to the lady guard. 2weeks of waiting, no response from them then I called the HR. I was asked to come for an exam the next day. 2weeks after, I received an invitation for an interview. All good for me. Just need to complete the requirements and pay the training fee. Training will start on June 29. They have 2-3 months gap for training (I think). I believe the next batch will start on September.
  11. by   gigie17
    Is there a high chance for absorption in this hospital once you've undergone their training? Thanks!
  12. by   sabuRiNa
    @GIGIE: So long as you pass the training with a grade of 85/88%(forgot the exact grade). Attendance is one big factor to that criteria. Once you were able to complete and pass the required rating, you will be listed in their pooling. The process is like this:

    1. Completed training with passing rate
    2. Wait for 6+ months to be called to start as a "FLOATER NURSE". It is paid but it is different to "PROBATIONARY NURSE". You can have another training while waiting (special areas)
    3. 5 months of being a "FLOATER NURSE" you will now be promoted to "PROBATIONARY NURSE"
    4. After the regular 6 month probationary period, you will now then be regularized.

    The chance is so HIGH. So long as you perform well. My friend did well there during her training last June 2012. She is now an OR Nurse there as she specialized OR after the regular training.

    The advantage that after you completed their basic training - ALL are in WARDS only, you can have another training for SPECIAL AREAS (ER,OR,ICU[?]) while waiting for the 6+ months before they call you.

    Plus, having the training here according to them, once you are hired there, you will have a future. As Phil Orthopedic Center's privatization and man power pooling of applicants will be managed by World Citi. But it will be after 2 years. LOL. They just gave us a positive insight of what future we can have I we have our training there. But, it is a long time. :P

    Anyway, I hope I gave you enough answer to your query.
  13. by   gigie17
    Thanks so much sab-burgs for the detailed information, really appreciate that. Are you also part of the training or perhaps was part of it?