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St. Luke's, Capitol Med, PHC, Medical City. Does anybody here work in any of these hospitals. If so, please help a fellow nurse out by telling me what I need to bring during my application aside... Read More

  1. by   mae_rn07
    I was able to pass my application at PHC last february even though it was written in their bulletin board that they are not accepting applicants. The thing is, i didn't have any backer. You just have to go there EARLY and make sure that you have the complete set of documents with you... After passing all the required documents, I was immediately given a schedule for an interview and initial exam (i think this is just a psych exam). The problem with PHC is that they have such a long and tedious process before you get employed...I heard from a friend that after the initial interview and exam, there will be two more interviews, one of which is a panel interview (this one's quite difficult because you really have to review your MS to be able to answer some of their questions--most are cardio questions)..what's worse is it would also take months of "waiting time" in between the schedule of the interviews so it's hard to rely on PHC if you want a job soon...i know it's a long shot to get hired at PHC but it is better to try and apply to all the hospitals that are hiring right now...:wink2:

    For r0b0c0p:
    As for Capitol Medical Center, you may pass a photocopy of your certificate of attendance with the ANSAP seal together with a copy of your completion form...I have already passed my application to them last february (even though i don't have my IVT card yet) and the girl at the HRD told me that the waiting time before i get any call or text would be more or less three months due to the volume of if you want to try applying for CMC pass your requirements early...

    part of the jobhunting process is getting yourself in a position where there is a high probability of rejection especially if you do not have any backers. But never getting started with the applications and not taking risks due to self doubt and fear of rejection is close to waiting for nothing. Be assertive when talking with the HR people... sometimes when they say "No, we're not hiring" always ask and do follow ups...In the end, the people who land a job on their own take more pride in their work and ultimately have a bigger sense of fulfillment kudos to all applicants with no backers!

    By the way VRP (Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center in Mandaluyong) is also of luck to everyone! :wink2:
  2. by   anansi
    it's best to apply in a jcia accredited hospital, medical city and st lukes. the US hospitals appreciate this...that being said, has anyone heard about the new visa bulletin? they moved the priority date from 2005 to 2003....looks like we are all here for the long haul. i have been waiting for 3 years and honestly,leaving for the states seems to be like a far fetched dream already. the bad news does not surprise me anymore. and i do not listen to the news that "next month retro will be lifted" ive heard it a million times for 3's like the boy who cried wolf already.
  3. by   dzzy21RN
    Hello! What are VRP's requirements for application? Are they requiring BLS/IVT?
  4. by   Icecandy
    I went to VRP a couple of weeks ago. They said that the board exam rating should not be lower than 80%, and yes, we should have an IV therapy training, if we want to apply there.

  5. by   kiah14
    Quote from yoo jin
    Hello an2thedrei!

    I worked at St. Luke's recently. Planning to come back when I passed the board (again). you guessed right, Im a June 2006 passer. Anyway I went away on my own, to care for my grandmother who just came back from abroad.

    In SLMC, an I.V certificate will give an extra oomph to your credentials. They hired me when I handed them that. Other requirements; the ususl, PRC Board rating, Certificate of Passing, Lots of Pictures so be ready with it. Transcript, Diploma, the works.. you know it. Good Luck! there an age limit for nurse applicant at st. luke?thanks
  6. by   jidousha
    hi guys, i have a question.. in capitol medical center, is it true you should have a board rating of 80% above in order to be qualified? thanks
  7. by   *EosinophiL*
    yes, it is listed as one of their requirements posted outside the hr office.. however, i believe that if you'll be able to complete all the other requirements, they will still give you a chance.. this is because the entry board rating of 78% and above is not written on red ink, unlike the other requirements such as intravenous therapy license and recent basic life support license which are written on red ink.. i think having a board rating of 78% and above is an advantage not a must.. that's just my observation..
  8. by   jaja21
    is capitol med still open for application right now? thank you. ^_^