Second courser will go back to senior high here in ph????

  1. Hi everyone! I'm currently living in the Philippines and I'm a graduating student (I'm gonna be graduating next year, June 2018) with a BSBA degree. I do really want to be a nurse and I'm not happy with my first degree. I became depressed and it stresses me out so I'm planning to study BS Nursing next school year. My question is, will I go back and take senior high? Since K-12 just started here. I'm really sad and scared right now because I really want to ne a Nurse, it is my dream ever since and I really do regret not taking it before!!! I want to take up Nursing as fast as possible (probably for 2 years) I'm living in Makati, maybe you guys know a school who accepts second courser and which is near Makati. Please help me. Thank you very very much!!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I can't think of any reason why a nursing school would require a person with a college degree to go back and take two additional years of high school when that person already possesses a valid high school diploma. To verify this, you need to speak to the admissions personnel at the various nursing schools that interest you.
  4. by   midnightblvd
    I just thought that I'll be taking an additional 2 years in high school because there's this "news" saying that the CHED requires all college students to finish their course before or on 2018 because if not, they'll gonna go back to senior high. But yea, you have a point, by next year I already graduated so I guess I'm not affected by it (???)
  5. by   kjay0215
    Same situation here. I'm graduationg next year also (AB Psychology) and I'm planning to take BS Nursing as well for my second undergraduate degree. Have you thought of which school you're planning to enroll in?
  6. by   Didi18
    Hi ! Do you have any idea guys if Pamantasan ng lungsod ng Pasig is Accepting second coursers for BSN? Btw, if you pursued nursing, you must be on your 2nd year now. What school did you choose? Thanks!