San Juan Medical Center

  1. I just want to ask if what are the necessary requirements in applying for Volunteer Nurse in San Juan Medical Center? Are they still accepting applications until now? When will be the start of the registration? How about the duty? Thanks in advance to those who will reply.
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  3. by   optimistic,RN
    yeah..same question as robocop.. Ive heard that they are accepting even if just a volunteer nurse... I think they don't require you to pay them... that's good to hear.. I hope that somebody will help us regarding about SJMC.. thanks in advance...
  4. by   jms8
    does anybody know how to get to san juan medical center coming from alabang by commuting only?
  5. by   Skylin3
    Quote from jms8
    does anybody know how to get to san juan medical center coming from alabang by commuting only?

    You live in alabang oh men that will be a long journey. i suggest you take the MRT go down cubao station. from there ask where you can ride a san juan bound jeepney. ask the guards to direct you where to go. it wouldnt be so hard to find because there are a lot of san juan jeepneys in cubao. good luck and God Bless!
  6. by   jms8
    thanks for the info. but is there any vans or bus coming from alabang to greenhills or san juan? if i take the MRT i would still need to ride from alabang to EDSA MRT. then take the route you suggested. i was hoping to cut down the number of rides i would take.
  7. by   atlantisnurse
    I went there last week to pass my credentials. Unfortunately, their nurse volunteer program will start on June 1 and they are no longer accepting applicants
  8. by   jms8
    try to pass again or inquire, i heard they are accepting again since there are other VNs whose contracts are ending this july
  9. by   NarsNina
    hi im new here..does anyone know if sjmc are still accepting VNs?
  10. by   Ar-en
    any news about san juan medical center?, do they accept nurse trainee or they're under RN Heals?
  11. by   iampinaynurse
    hi colleagues. are they accepting nurse applicants as of the moment?