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hi fellow nurses. i applied in qmmc in project 4, qc for the nurse trainee position. i was scheduled for the exam on april 13, 2010. i just want to ask you guys who have taken the exams before in... Read More

  1. by   jeshua
    Quote from Erahmei
    Hi does anyone have update with regards to the exam last Aug 24, 2011. i've been calling the QMMC nursing office for the update but nobody is answering.

    I hope that all the applicants are accepted.

    Hi Erahmei. I too was trying to get through last week. I was able to connect and the lady said that they were about to call already, that was last Wednesday. So did you get a call? I havent. My friends who also took the exam have not received any. Do you have news or know anybody who was called already? Wondering when I should stop expecting so I could move on. Thanks!
  2. by   Erahmei
    The last time I called QMMC, the lady told me this: "***************" but I wasnt able to clarify if I should wait within the week or until the end of September. But she made it clear that the start of the program will be on October so I assumed that I need to wait until the last week of september. I haven't received a call up to now.

    What a very long wait.
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  3. by   jeshua
    Thanks Erahmei. Same here. I called yesterday and the lady said results arent ready yet. Indeed a long wait. I think this is the longest wait, compared to those who had it before.

    Thanks for the reply. God bless us! please do post if youve got updates. I will too.
  4. by   dolleyesRN
    Open for applicants?
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  5. by   xyzabcd
    No there are not open for new applicants and to those who just took there exam last august, they wont call you anymore even though you passed their exam. DOH just sent a memorandum to all DOH hospitals including qmmc to stop false volunteerism/training and qmmc is obeying the directive sent to them by Sec. Ona. All of us present volunteers/trainees there have to stop though we stilll wanted to stay because training at qmmc is a phenomenon. really great!
  6. by   core
    how sad, so it's the reason why we're waiting so long for the result of the exam.. we've processed everything for nothing..
  7. by   xyzabcd
    [QUOTE=core;5655999]how sad, so it's the reason why we're waiting so long for the result of the exam.. we've processed everything for nothing..[/Q

    it would be temporary. we present voounteers there are looking forwrad to coming back there as soon as they were able to fix the problem at doh and prc. by that moment, you will also be called since they need you as well. maybe in less than a month.
  8. by   Cynica
    hi, may I ask when will be the next schedule for accepting applicants for their training program? thanks
  9. by   Rinkishikika
    Guys do you know if they are accepting applicants now?please respond. Thank you
  10. by   xyzabcd
    they are not accepting applicants for trainees now because there were 271 newly hired nurses under the rn heals program
  11. by   Rinkishikika
    Oh i see thank you for that info, now I won't bother going there.
    Do you know when will they accept applicants for the next batch?
  12. by   Cynica
    from what i've read from the RN Heals 2 thread, the next batch for rn heals would be on February, let's hope Quirino will be included and open for applicants. I just don't know when will be the application
  13. by   Ms. D
    are they still accepting applicants?? as a staff nurse