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  1. by   EmeraldFe
    We passed!
  2. by   ubersupeRN
    anyone her who had their final interview done?
  3. by   Mrs.NorthmanRN
    By God's grace, I passed too (happy dance)

    I was so ecstatic, I beamed at everyone on my way out of PGH. They probably thought I was high or crazy or somethin'. teeheehee.

    I couldn't wipe the grin off my face.

    On APCN exam: Aside from MSN, review Funda.

    @EmeraldFe- congrats girl. see you come June 27. =D
  4. by   EmeraldFe
    See you Mrs.NorthmanRN! Congratulations!
  5. by   jrll
    hi, good day! anyone here took the examination for staff nurse in pgh in the previous months? i am actually scheduled for august this year. i just want to ask if there is a prescribed attire when you take the exam & what are some tips you can give for the exam. replies are much appreciated.
    thanks so much!
  6. by   EmeraldFe
    To former APCN trainees - Is the schedule fixed?
  7. by   Angel,RN
    i passed too yey! see u guys on the 27th. have u paid the fee yet?
  8. by   Mrs.NorthmanRN
    @AngelRN- yup. I did confirm my slot today. See you on Monday.

  9. by   Angel,RN
    hi guys what group and ward ur assigned to? (For the 31st APCN Trainee)...
  10. by   Anne Elliot03
    what is the required attire for the PGH exam? I'll be having mine this coming July 15 and I still don't know if I'm supposed to wear semi formal clothes or a nursing attire...
  11. by   jrll
    @Anne_Elliot03: you had your exam last july 15? what was the attire? i also don't know what to wear.. i'll took mine on august pa.. thanks in advance for the reply!
  12. by   Anne Elliot03
    I wore a semi-formal attire but I saw others who wore casual and those who chose our white uniform. I think there's no required attire...but in my opinion, the safest bet is our white uniform (with pants). At least, you wouldn't be over or under-dressed. good luck! )
  13. by   valerie11
    hi, can u help me guys... im going to take the exam and i dnt have any idea about it, can you give me tips and ideas about the exam, thank u very much...