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Anyone here worked at PGH before? Looks like they're hiring. While waiting out the retrogression, might as well, right?... Read More

  1. by   smo2886
    the coverage of exam:
    multiple choice and dosage of calculation.

    mostly about med-surg

    im not so sure about the next submission. they usually post it on the training board when you can get the dean's form or you may try calling their office. apcn is only held twice a year and you can only get the dean's form from the office.

    just for clarification the dean's form from the website of pgh is different from the dean's form for the training. the dean's form for the training is only limited. they only release 200 forms and out of the 200 applicants, 50 will be only selected for the training. their criteria will be your GWA, board rating and examination score.

    Good luck!
  2. by   lloyd03
    do the deans form still available? Or should we wait again for another batch? any reply would really help.
  3. by   smo2886
    the dean's forms have control numbers that are only released upon the discretion of the DNET office. they hold the APCN program twice a year which means that they only release the forms twice a year. Last time, they only released 200 forms and selected the top 50 who took the exam. (The other criteria for selecting the 50 people are GWA and board rating.) Call their number and asked to be connected to the DNET office to make more inquiries.

    Good luck!
  4. by   mollycoddle26
    good luck. apcn exam results will be released on january 24 at 1 pm.
  5. by   badzRN
    i'll be having my apcn on jan 20 as well, but a friend of mine who took the exam the exam last jan 10 said that jan 10 was the only date for the exam and that there was a mistake about the jan 20 date... is this true?
  6. by   newbornballer
    i think it's january 10 and 20... what's written in my slip's january 20. I think PGH isn't foolish enough for not noticing that in case the exam's only january 10.
  7. by   mollycoddle26
    apcn results are out. congratulations to those who passed.
  8. by   de_g
  9. by   newbornballer
    thank God, by God's grace and mercy I passed...

    Hello, ex-trainees of APCN, just want to ask what can we expect in the trainings? Can you please share your experiences and thoughts about the training... Please also include any tips so that our training will be smooth sailing... thank you very much!!!! Our training will start on February 14...
  10. by   mollycoddle26
    @ newbornballer, we're in the same boat.
    have you already paid the training fee? i haven't paid yet. deadline is on feb4.
  11. by   newbornballer
    @mollycoddle26, I'll be paying tomorrow, January 31.

    To Ex-APCN trainees, any tips for our training is highly appreciated, I'm a bit excited as well as nervous at the same time.. Thanks!
  12. by   valium_RN,RM
    I would like to ask those who passed their application at PGH. How long is the processing time? I know someone who works from that institution who happens to be a nurse (managerial position). My mom gave my name already and I was asked to pass my requirements. However, I am hesitant because as I have read from the previous post it take years before you could get hired.

    Should I pursue? Is it worth the wait if ever? Do I have to undergo the training? Replies will be much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. by   mollycoddle26
    @ newbornballer



    hi. im from the apcn batch 28 of up-pgh, from february 22 - august 9, 2010.

    i don't have any idea regarding the basic skills training from other hospitals (in manila) but i assure you that you will learn from up-pgh (learn medical advancements through research and development, explore different medical cases that were common in pgh but actually rare in other institutions, adapt to different environment with various persons and personalities, refine nursing skills, knowledge and attitude; and neutralize viewpoints on life, happiness, success, pain, suffering and deacth)

    actually, these were the reason why i joined the apcn. fortunately, i learned a lot.

    try to ask more from others then, decide.

    good luck and god bless!

    how many months is the didactic? are you referring to didactic lectures? on the first day, we only had our orientation regarding hospital protocols and special lectures were given depending on the availability of the chief nurses of the various departments of up-pgh. clinical rotations were done every month on different wards of pgh, from charity to department of pay patient services.

    is it true that the last three months you will be assigned to the icu of your choice? yes, but is not limited to icus of up-pgh (central icu, neuro icu, neurosurgery special care unit, micu, sicu) it also includes or complex, cardiac cath lab, hemodiaysis, and the department of emergency medical services.

    when i can get dean form? can i get it from dnet's office anytime ? better call dnet regarding that and look for the program coordinator of apcn batch 30 before october this year. the dean's form are limited. during our time, 200 forms were distributed and only 50 of us were accepted. tel no. 524-0703/ 521-8450 loc 3915 i hope this line is still working.

    are trainees hands on to the patient doing charting , iv insertion, giving meds etc... yes. i do also had the chance to handle foreign patients: 2 british nationals and one micronesian when i rotated in one of the paywards of up-pgh.

    and last they say you need to pass the qualifying exam before you can register ... can you give me some tips on the topics i should review please please .... aim higher than just passing the qualifying exam because they do only accept 40-50 trainees per batch. as far as i can remember, it was a 50 item exam to be answered for 30 mins. just review your fundamentals, pharmacology, msn, mcn, ecg, disaster mgt, and onco nursing.


    what is the nurse patient ratio?apcn has three levels; level i, ii, and iii.
    level i(novice) is on your first month of stay on pgh, you will be assigned to three - five patients
    level ii (advance beginner) second to third month of stay, five to eight patient plus one intubated
    level iii (competent) during the last three months, np ratio depends on the special area of choice

    what are the special areas of apcn?? or complex, icus, hemodialysis, cardiac cath lab, and the department of emergency medical services