hi..can i ask somebody here, have an idea about the training in ospital ng maynila or anybody who have been an experiences there.please share your experiences:)..sharing your experience is very much... Read More

  1. by   poju
    how was the experience as volunteer nurse at OMMC?
    any benefits aside from hospital exposure/ experience (i.e, food/ transportation allowances)?
    can anyone send me the sketch of the uniform (for male)?
  2. by   kermitlover
    Quote from MsproudRn
    I passed my requirements last March 2010. But until now, no schedule made yet.
    That's really true, there are tons of applications I saw that time. And i hate to say that even if you pass your application earlier. As long as other applicants have "backers", they will be prioritized first.
    i passed my requirements last dec 2009 or january this year and i havent received any call from them yet..argh
  3. by   dreamsfound
    Quote from boblene
    im currently a volunteer nurse in OM the new Hospital Director is sir ***********, but im not sure with the spelling of his first name, and the chief nurse is Mrs.*********.
    @boblene hi. i found your info important. i just want to ask whats the name of the Hosp. Director and the Chief nurse. kindly email me please. ala_aquinde@yahoo.com im not familiar w/ pm since i just registered here. ill gladly appreciate. thnx
  4. by   dreamsfound
    Quote from butrfly11
    me too guys.. pls pm me the names of the hospital director and chief nurse.. thank you very much! God bless you all
    me too please pm me now
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Just a reminder not to post names on the boards but to use the pm system. If you have less than 15 posts you can read pms but not send or respond to them
  6. by   mrmiyagi
    i'm also interested. can someone pm me? what are the requirements and are they accepting as of now? and also the names i need to include in the application? thanks.
  7. by   07RN
    hi! may i know the current director of ospital ng maynila. tnx!!
  8. by   hplarnivram
    Pls pm me the name of the director too.. it will be much appreciated..
  9. by   hplarnivram
    Please PM me the name of the director. it will be much appreciated. thanks in advance.
  10. by   gel015
    hi can you also pm me the name of the director thanks in advance!
  11. by   gel015
    hi again! you can pm me about the details on the letter of intent.. thanks!
  12. by   Loveem
    Hi can i ask also for the details for the letter of intent. If anyone knows pls pm me...

  13. by   lloyd03
    hi can you pm me also about the new hospital directors name! thank you so much