Opportunities for HD nurses abroad - page 2

Can't really say anything more since the title says it all. Just wondering if any of you Filipino HD nurses out there are trying to find luck working overseas, and how has been you search so far?... Read More

  1. by   jenrv07
    @ rogue maverick and zero,
    i am a filipina dialysis nurse currently working here in Jeddah, i am interested also to work in carribean countries, do you know any agency there pls. My friend is in Aruba as a dialysis nurse also. I am new here in allnurses, i hope and i don't know how to reach you thru this forum.
  2. by   jenrv07
    @ rogue maverick,
    hi how are you? i am also a dialysis nurse currently working here in Jeddah. Hope you can advice or share some infos about the agency there. I am really interested in working in Carribean dutch countries like Aruba. Thank you so much
  3. by   jenrv07
    @ zero

    i am a dialysis nurse also working now here in Jeddah. Maybe you can share some more infos if there are agencies there where we can apply please and experiences and about salary if it's ok. i am really interested in working in carribean dutch countries. Goodluck to you. And thank you so much
  4. by   zero.
    I sent you a PM jenrv07.
  5. by   jenrv07
    Saw the message sir. already replied via email. Thank you so much for the reply and in advance for all the help in any ways. Hope i can also find a way to work there.
  6. by   lance_wage
    Hi guys... could you suggest where to work abroad? am currently working in the hospital as an HD nurse and I'm planning to explore opportunities abroad to broaden my skills and knowledge in HD. Thank you so much...