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Just graduated last March 2008 and took the boards this June. The thing is, I'm a chronic carrier of Hepatitis B. I already searched the forums and from what I've read, hospitals in the USA, Canada,... Read More

  1. by   ljgyen
    hi. I am also a hepa b carrier...I passed the Nclex last sept 16, i'm scared that my condition will hinder my dream to work in USA...I want to help my parents and my siblings that's I want to work in USA...I wanna know if hospital in USA accept nurse who are hepa b carrier?thank u..GOD bESS us all.......... LORD help us!
  2. by   Silverdragon102
    I don't think you will have issues being Hep b carrier I think the issue at the moment is finding a employer willing to sponsor you for the US especially in the current US job climate when many US nurses are struggling to find work
  3. by   ljgyen
    thanks for d reply! so you mean,in USA hepa b carrier is not an issue? I am really scared not to practice my profession and not to work abroad because someone told me that i cannot work in US or even in canada and UK because of my condition... I believe that GOD is with us..LORD help me and all nurses who are hepa b carrier to pursue our dream and not to be hopeless...
  4. by   chubbyness
    hi im new here in this site...i am also a RN already..and of course with hep b...a carrier..had it with my family since my mom has it..i am planning to take the nlcex next year and my worry is that i will just waste my time and money and effort taking the exam and yet i cannot work as a nurse in the US...hepl..
    i read all the post and saw hope...

    can we really work as a nurse in the us even if we have hep b?
    can we be granted a working visa if they know we have hep b?
    can we work in hospitals here in cebu?
  5. by   jahda_ph
    Hello everyone! It's been a while since i visited this site. I just want to give an update regarding my case. When i was diagnosed back in 2003 during 3rd yr in college that i have hepatitis B and after series of exams, my doctor told me i'm a healthy chronic carrier, i thought working abroad will never be a reality. After passing the embassy interview and having to undergo the dreaded medical exam, i was so afraid and still in denial if i can really go and work here in the US. Even if my hospital knew about my status, i still haven't gone to my primary doctor here for check-up for fear of others judging me based on my medical illness. I just want to let you all know that i'm already working here in the US, and yes, they do screen nurses for hepatitis B but it's a case to case basis. I've been advised by our health employee management to have double gloving each time i do invasive procedures, other than that, i'm ok to practice as a nurse here. I'll be honest by saying that i'm still afraid of letting others know about my condition including my doctor, i think i still haven't fully accepted myself and this illness tagged along with me. BUt nevertheless, just pass those exams required by the place you want to go work to and have a healthy lifestyle and of course, pray a lot. Let's not be defeated by this illness..God bless!
  6. by   marhia
    Quote from mfr.rn
    hi i would like to ask guys if i can still have a student visa in new zealand even though i am positive with hep. b, i am also a nurse and unemployed here in cebu city, if anyone knows a company here in cebu that would still hire hep.b positive and wont discriminate, pls do help me and inform me i badly need a job right now, hope to here from you all =) ♥
    Helo mfr.rn,good day to you..i just want to know what happen to your application in new a nurse as will and hep b possitive trying to apply as a student in new zealand..i really want to know coz it might help or give me peace of mind..thank you so much..GOD BLESS U.
  7. by   marhia
    Quote from balfore_rn
    hi there..
    im newbie in this forum and i was glad to find this site. well we are all in the same boat, suffered from fear of rejection, dilema, depression. found out that i was hep b+ way back 1998.. before the clinicals-- last few days of my 3rd year in college.. evry student need to be screened and immunized prior hospital exposure in manila. got soo stunned when university nurse approached me and talked to me in private that im one of the few who got + with hep b.. i was in a state of shock then but kept evrythng within me-- i was paperwhite then and feeling so sick to my stomach but i ddnt tell anybody nor my friends even if they've been soo concerned of whats going on with me. my mom got me right away to the doctor..and i was prescribed to take IMMUNOSIN (im not sure of the spelling) for a couple of days. i was 20yrs old then and all the dreams of a 20 year old suddenly collapsed-- i chose to be so quite in school & even at home, dnt have courage to tell even to my sisters.. i got so paranoid- i even separate my own silverwares,cups, plates, etc..,wash my plate and utensils with warm water for fear that my fmily might catch it too... i cried only once.. bcause of frustration.. but my faith with the LORD kept me sane.. few weeks after learning im + -- iv told myself the LORD gve this to me so HE knows that i cn conquer this illness. my mom brought me to a well known gastroenterologist in makati med tru the help of a family friend..they ran some labs..and i found out that my HBVDNA is also +..meaning im a chronic carrier.. i kept that result up to this time to remind me of my journey with hep b within me..

    i found a very warm and encouraging gastroenterologist in our province.. and that time the very first LAMIVUDINE medication just got out of asian market. my gastroenterologist ddnt want me to have interferon bcause of the side effects..he asked me if i want to try lamivudine which just got out of market and he got samples to give me whom he got from the convention he attended for the launching of the Lamivudine somewhere here in california. i ddnt hesitate told him whatever i takes il try it.. 1 tab of lamivudine then costs 150.00 Php nd have to take it evryday. i decided to lookfor a job to sustain my treatment.. got off from fatty foods.. eventually got hired in one of the hospital in our place.. they never required the staff to be screened for hep b then since the reagent is costly-per say--- i cntinued to work in that hospital for almost 5 yrs-- and just tryng to avoid hep b screening everytime they remind the staff to submit current screening result.. iv undergone lamivudine treatment for almost , maybe 3-4 or 5 yrs..i guess.

    my gastroMD stopped the treatment when eventually i got nonreactive result with my HbeAg though still reactive with HbsAG and still no anti body for both. per my gastro MD..the fact that i turned out to be NON REACTIVE with HBeAG..he said that im no longer 'infectious' but a chronic carrier.. its just that the virus was contained and not replicating as long as il be NON REACTIVE with HBeAG..but i still have the bug in my MD gave me a medical certificate stating that i am eligible to work abroad.. i cnt thank the LORD enough of what had turned out to be a miracle for me coz my papers to US got approved and was praying so hard that i may not hve trouble with the physical exam-- physical exam came at st lukes--blood draw was done.. got the shock of my life when staff called me and told me ''u have to come back next week-- for ur urine analysis-- i asked about the blood draw-- she said-- THE ONLY THING THAT U NEED TO DO IS UR URINE ANALYSIS OTHERWISE EVRYTHNG SEEMS to be clear!!! Praised the LORD..!!

    now im currntly working in one of the hospital here in california.. . THE THING IS.. WE HAVE TO CONQUER OUR FEAR.. KEEP OUR FAITH... just go on with life.. as long as you know how to protect urself and other people-- universal and standard precaution at all times. we just need to be more responsible. im happily married now--my partner- a nurse too- accepted me for what i am..
    nice story balfore..God bless to your family..does it mean u become hep be negative after taking meds?
  8. by   marhia
    helo what happen to your application in the states,im new to this pls do give me some feedback..thank you so much
  9. by   marhia
    helo jahda i realy appreciate your courage to face this kind of crisis..somehow it bost my a hep b possitive too..god bles u always
  10. by   GODknowsright
    hello to everyone im glad to saw this web im 4th yearnurse student male and a good student nurse but unfortunately i was HBSAG positive i dont know where i contract this .ID,my question is even im positive should i able to go to US? because my father was there. i dont know if got petition with my father i dont know if US embassy will grant me because im hbsag positive.
    any reply is accepted. thanks
  11. by   janmry
    thank you for this site... i now have the courage to face my condition. i was diagnosed hepa b carrier last 1998 for my high school medical requirements. i never took that seriously until i studied nursing.i felt my world collapsed when i realized that being a carrier will be a hindrance for my dreams. after i graduated and passed the PNLE last 2008 i never applied for any nursing jobs for fear of rejection. but after reading all your posts here. this gave me a new beginning. I've been praying for years that God will answers my request. and this is it... I will never be defeated by hepa b.
  12. by   marhia
    Hello godknowsright and janmry just read your post,leave it up to god,just pray and believe in your self..i applied as ccu nurse in done with my first PE and they found out im possitive,still they give a chance secure a medical certificate that im not infectious and thank god my gastro give me a clearance after a series of lab still hep b possitive..but my employer consider my present im waiting a letter from florida board of nursing regarding may status of my license by endorsement..i look forward with gods help second quarter of this year im working already in florida..
  13. by   mel7990
    hello every one im glad i found this site, im also a nurse , i felt very depressed and dis appointed when i got this dreaded disease, i got it when i was in training, i accidentally prick myself, all my dreams are gone in the wind, before i was taking medicine because of financially problem i stop my medication up to now i'am suffering, i'm in the chronic state im jobless please help me if any one here with the same situation here. thankyou so much