Libya MOH nurses 2012

  1. for updates to nurses bound to MOH-libya 2012.
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  3. by   nursejoe15
    guys lets update..update..update
  4. by   wengcy
    gud am mam/sir:

    i would like to ask regarding this MOH-LIBYA / hiring for nurses. I guess you guys have finished your interview-would like to have some info.s about the salary - benefits- like accommodation and etc. Did you had a written exam also together with your interview.
    Hoping for your shared comments regarding this matter.
    Thank you guys.......
  5. by   JLLandero
    I have been in Libya... my husband and I were there for 1 and a half year (and during the war too). There's no exam. Just need to pass the interview. I think they have conducted the interview for Benghazi Medical Center last May 8.

    About the salary, it's at 875 LD basic salary, minus tax (P35 = 1LD). Additionals will be computed based on your length of work experience and area of specialty. They have two years contract + vacation w/pay and a yearly renewable contract plus vacation w/pay after that (tickets back and forth are also provided by the hospital). Accomodation and transpo are free. Food is free during duty hours.

    I dunno in other hospitals but in BMC, we took an English and a nursing exam when we are in Libya already. Both Tripoli and Benghazi MOH hospitals are hiring nowadays. Just check the website

    By the way, just to let you know, there is no nursing council yet in Libya as of now, unlike in other mid-east countries such as Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar and UAE.
  6. by   dodoy
    So that's roughly 30k Php per month right? I think they are continuously hiring because I immediately received a response a day after submitting an application online.
  7. by   ladygreenred
    Hi.. Is Libya as strict as Saudi? Do you think MOH will hire nurses with experience as volunteers?

    Kindly reply. Thanks.
  8. by   ladygreenred
    One agency texted me that salary is 60,000 pesos. How come yours is only 30k?
  9. by   mistiknit
    hi does libya require 2 years experience for nurses?
  10. by   dodoy
    I just based it on what a previous poster said (875 LD), but I haven't actually had a salary offer yet. I didn't pursue my application here as a local employment offer was offered to me first before I saw a job posting for Libya for my field of specialization.
  11. by   nursejoe15
    hi ms jllandero, just want to ask some questions and i hope you may answer.thanks.
    Is there any other MOH hospital in libya that we might be assigned to? because the contract that i had signed had no specified name of hospital. I am hoping that I will be assigned in a tertiary hospital. I haven't been checking this thread because I thought no one was going to reply.thanks god. but I've been following another forum also about MOH-libya 2012.May I also ask how long did you wait for your papers to be processed? until you were deployed because I've been waiting for more than a month now since i completed my requirements, some even finished 2months earlier. By the waym you my salary offers is 990 LD, so base from your comment, there is really an increase when you arrived there?? base on experience and area?
  12. by   nursejoe15
    I am part of the first batch interviewed by MOH-libya for this year(2012), we were as the agency said more than 700 selected applicants. But there are some nurses from 2011 batch who is still waiting to be deployed and yet they continue to hire. Im worried if how long would it take to deploy us.
  13. by   nursejoe15
    it's not as strict as saudi but still its an arab country. If your certificate does not indicate the word volunteer, you should try to apply. My seatmate during the interview has volunteer experience and i remember the other one with PDN experience, as long as the total experience is 2 years above.Questions vary, mine was more on the cases i handled, drugs, pharmacology like antihypertensive drugs classification from beta blockers etc.., emergency procedure such as intubation etc. But when I asked some, they were just asked of the areas where they were assigned or more on credentials..
  14. by   JLLandero
    Libya is much, much more lenient than Saudi. And yep, mr/ms nursejoe 15, there is an increase depending on your area and length of experience. That 875 is just a starting/basic salary. Before the war, we have a 13% tax deducted from our salary. Now, the tax is only 3%. You can be receiving as low as 875 LD or as high as 1,500 LD depending on your area and experience.

    There are a lot of MOH hospitals in Libya and the nurses there are currently understaffed that there is only one or two nurses per ward, thus the mass hiring. They need thousands in Benghazi and Tripoli.

    The biggest MOH hospital in Benghazi is Benghazi Medical Center (BMC) and the one in Tripoli, the Tripoli Medical Center (TMC), both have 1,200 beds. Both hospitals have latest medical equipments from Europe. As far as I know in Benghazi, there are only 4 MOH hospitals there: BMC, Hawari General Hospital, Al Jellah (Trauma hospital) and Jamahiriya (Maternity). I have no idea in Tripoli though.

    As for the waiting time, it could be as fast as three months or as late as one year.

    Well, IMO, if you are still young and has the chance to apply to other countries, do it. Libya, for me, is the best place for engineers but not really for nurses. What's good in Libya is the place itself (low cost of living, simple living), climate (winter lasts longer than summer), and the people (especially in Benghazi). BTW, MOH nurses in Libya are automatically granted a "Family Status," meaning you can bring your immediate family after sometime.

    Libya only has around 6M people and when you check the size of their country, it's at least 4x or 5x the size of the Philippines. There are no malls, cinemas and food franchises such as mcdonald's or burger king in Libya. It's literally simple living.