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  1. by   jedvillalon_rn
    hello mam JLLandero, I also am currently applying for Libya. you've mentioned that you've been there... back here in the Philippines already? any way mam my concern is the quite unclear job offer of our agency for Jomoriyah Hospital in Benghazi. they said that the basic is US$700 for 3 years experience. although I am a PACU nurse, is there any chance that the offer can get any higher? Another would be working conditions at Misurata. we have an oncoming interview next week wherein 5 libyan doctors would be conducting the interview. what particular questions would they be asking? can we negotiate our salary? I also have read from other blogs about the delays in salaries and visas. is this really true?
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  3. by   Rossy_mae
    hi mam JLLandero, we will still take nursing examination in libya, right? is the examination will depend on our area of specialization or just like in PNLE? thank you in advance

  4. by   Ailynn
    Good Day!
    I would like to ask if its true that x libyan nurses are the one being prioritize to be back first to libya instead of those newly hired nurses? i read it from poea news advisory. I am one of those newly hired nurses from the month of may who is still waiting the visa to be issued.
    I also wanted to seek advice if it is wise to have another interview to other agency also going to libya instead of waiting? Because my aunt who is base now in libya wanted me to do so and recommended another agency.
    thank you.
  5. by   rentrix_yan
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Haist. I can't believe this. We were told that we are the first batch to fly to LIBYA (particularly MOH Hospital) filed by Filsino by Ma'am Joy. Unfortunately Me and my fiancee was not on the list.

    Filsino told us that the Employer is the one to choose and decide who will get their plane ticket. That's absurb! In my own point of view, it could be base on the employer's preference such as specialty and years of experience. Rumors is circulating as well and some says that Filsino is the one making up the list and they based it to the people (nurses) who paid full first. Others claimed that the list of first-second batch was manipulated because some tried to negotiate and they knew someone inside who is a great influence to the Higher MGT. However, these rumors are not verified. But come to think of it, you might not agree but It's the "Palakasan" system that we have in our culture, wherin I hate and should be dealt with by removing this culture and trasforming the mind-set of the people.

    Currently, the 41 nurses have already arrived in Libya safely. Thanks be to God!

    It's uncertain when will the next batch of ticket will arrive. Would it be better If I'll just go to Filsino personally? Last time I've been there was last week of April. And I just rely in calling their landline.

    Seriously, I have to change my plan. It's been four months that I'm waiting I doubt that after six months, Filsino might asks US (nurses) to renew our medical Exam again.

    By the way, I was selected by IBN-sina and Jomohiraya before, I dropped it down because the benefits and the salary that was offered by the MOH is much higher than the latter. So, I've been an applicant of Filsino for 3 years, been waiting for a while now and what I can testify is this. "Its a test of patience and a pain in the neck!
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  6. by   jeni_101988
    hi i was also hired by MOH-tripoli last March.about a month ago,they texted me that my visa is ready and i just have to wait for the ticket but til now there's still no update regarding our schedule of deployment.,,i'm so tired of waiting...
  7. by   rentrix_yan
    [FONT=comic sans ms]hello. We have same situation here. I have been selected and hired by moh last march with an existing visa but without stamp. I was supposedly the first batch of nurses to fly, but according to fil-sino, employees are randomly selected by our employer and it's out of their(filsino) control. We just have to pray and hope. It works!

    Remember, There's a purpose why we dont have our ticket yet. Let us maximize our time together with our family and friends while we are still here. Ask wisdom to God if you're getting confuse.
  8. by   rhea_glam
    hi! i was hired by filsino last may, done with all the requirements,. but until now the agency still have no updates,..
    [color=#ff6600][font=inherit][font=inherit]carl_marimar any updates?
  9. by   jedvillalon_rn
    I already have completed all of the requirements this july. how long would it take for the agency to text you for the medical exam? how much longer still until actual deployment?
  10. by   jedvillalon_rn
    hello sir carl_marimar, are you already in libya? how long did it take from actual hiring from the agency to actual departure for libya?
  11. by   Burgis
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  13. by   gracele
    Hello! I'm glad I found this site where I could gain informations about Libya.
    Anyways, I have also been offered a job in Libya (Benghazi Medical Center).
    I have been reading the previous comments and I have read someone's comment mentioned that the minimum salary is 875 LD. How come my offer is lesser than that? I have already accepted the job. I think it is better than the salary here in the Philippines. It is a stepping stone for me though.
    I also want to inquire, how long does it take for the visa to arrive?
    Is it really true that 3 months is already the shortest waiting time? Is it really that long? I really need a job right now because of financial reasons, that is why, three months for me is really long alreday.
    Are there many Filipinos in Libya? Specifically in Benghazi and in BMC?
    What culture do the people in Libya practice? I mean are there any rules that we must not do something like this or like that? What do I have to expect in Benghazi?
    I would be very glad to here replies from you. It would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
    [FONT=century gothic]