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  1. by   Dinx
    KUWAIT: The assistant undersecretary of the ministry of health for assisting medical services, Dr Qais Al-Duwairi said that the ministry has hired 1,000 female nurses from India and 360 from the Philippines, reports Arabic daily. Al-Duwairi added that the recruitment committees has finalized the contracting procedures and that the ministry tends to contract more nurses during the second half of the year from Bosnia, Herzegovina, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and China.

    Hoping that Filipino Nurses who are still waiting for deployment can make it before visa expires....
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    Nod on commercial visit to work permit
    KUWAIT CITY, Sept 6: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Mohammad Al-Afasi has instructed the concerned officials at the ministry to allow the transfer of commercial visit visas to work permits for those who entered the country before September, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs Jamal Al-Dosari.
    Al-Dosari explained the decision to ban such transfers took effect on Sept 1 and it is applicable only to those who entered the country on a commercial visit visa on or after this date.
    Meanwhile, reliable sources from the ministry said there is no truth in rumors that the Philippine government has decided to stop sending domestic workers to Kuwait. Sources clarified the Kuwaiti officials have not received any notification in this regard from their Filipino counterparts, affirming the two countries enjoy harmonious relations.
    Sources confirmed Kuwait is fair in dealing with thousands of Filipinos working in the country. They said if there are reports on maltreatment, these are isolated cases and are usually based on the morals of both parties — the employers and the employees. They added the authorities in charge of hiring Filipino workers or any nationality strictly follow the legal and humanitarian procedures.
    In another development, Al-Seyassah daily has reported that Al-Afasi, in his recent meeting with the directors of various labor departments and Al-Dosari, announced a plan to open labor departments, which receive a large number of visitors daily, in the evening to expedite the processing of transactions. He said the ministry will appoint additional employees for these departments to reduce the work load.
    The minister also asked the directors to take the necessary steps to ease the procedures for the visitors, while emphasizing the importance of implementing plans to balance the population structure and reduce the number of expatriate workers by 34 percent.
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    KUWAIT CITY, Aug 9: The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has not suspended the issuance of work permits to certain expatriates hired from abroad, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting Undersecretary Mohammad Al-Kandari.
    The undersecretary explained the ministry still issues work permits for expatriates recruited from other countries to work in 20 sectors, including private schools, hospitals, agriculture, fishing, hotels and tourism companies, among others.
    On stopping the transfer of visit visas to work permits in the government sector, Al-Kandari disclosed the ministry is still discussing the issue with its Interior counterpart. He said both ministries have agreed on the need to stop such transfers but they have yet to specify the date of implementation. He affirmed the two ministries are working together to determine the appropriate date of implementation in the interest of both the workers and the employers. He added the date will be announced in advance to give the concerned parties enough time to correct their status.
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    Could this be the reason for the delay of plane tickets and original visas?
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    to all applicants who got hired by mothersway agency kindly join the group in facebook..Kuwait MOH nurses batch 2011..strictly for mothersway only...we can see all the updates about processing and deployment...keep on updating....thanks
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    KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Dr Moha-mmad Al-Afasi has affirmed that the decision to suspend the transfer of commercial visit visas to work permits covers all sectors without exception, because the decision was taken to review regulations governing the procedure, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

    Al-Afasi made the declaration when he visited the Social Welfare Home to exchange Eid greetings with inmates. He said many people wrongly exploited the provision of transferring commercial visit visas to work permits and so, there is an urgent need to review the regulations. “The government is keen on the well-being of the private sector, but everything should be done in such a way that it will not have negative implications on the population composition in the country,” he said.

    The minister explained that the government has been trying to increase local employment to about 34 percent in order to balance population composition lapses, reduce the number of marginal workers and allow recruitment of qualified professionals. He revealed that the government transferred 13,000 commercial visits to work visas last year, which is relatively high and many people misused the opportunity.

    I have a strong feeling that this news will affect our soon to be deployment process, but I'm crossing my fingers that this will not....
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    @jepoy28 and @ piorf:i dont know if the info regarding the check in baggage is true. im hoping its not because for sure 20kg is not enough. i plan to bring only light baggage but then i was told to bring some food also.

    the latest news i received was yesterday - 20 people all from sun celia are scheduled to depart on september 25. im getting nervous, so far only 10 people have left for kuwait and 20 are scheduled next. what about the rest? im worried my visa will expire before im scheduled for departure. im sure others are thinking the same.

    @ stama: i heard about the mw applicants' group. ive already sent my request so i can join the group.i hope to receive and share information with all the other mom's way applicants too.

    let's keep our fingers crossed guys.
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    Hi... dinx im from mindanao also AL RuWad... Still waiting for their advice for medical... please add my FB UpLink37@yahoo.com.. tnx
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    @overlord gzh: I already sent a friend request in FB. Thanks
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    @zephie814.i asked mam #### if when will be the next releasing of plane tickets!she said that i have to wait because company to company are the one responsible for updating our tickets.and nothing to worry because all of the applicants will be deployed soon according to mways personnel.just hope and pray!
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    is it true 2nd week of october pa mkkaalis nurses under virtus group?our visa wll expired on october 3.....
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    Oh...that's bad.
  13. by   missR
    hi everyone, im new in this site. i just want to ask if dental nurse is a good job in kuwait. i have an offer from an agency and the salary is 250KD. is it worth it?