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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   male_nurse22
    I am quite anxious, according to Moms way my visa did not arrive yet. My only assurance is that a friend saw that I already have a salary offer on the list. I called the agency several times and they don't give accurate information regarding my visa. Does anyone of you have the same problem?
  2. by   zephie814
    hi there! i heard that the first batch from mom's way are scheduled to go on september 7; their tickets are already with the agency. hopefully the next batch will follow immediately
  3. by   Piorf
    how are you guys? just had my medical last wed.. im really dissapointed with the clinics here in the Philippines because most of them would just purposely make wrong diagnosis so that they can order additional labs and earn additional money..

    Clinics in the Philippines SUCKS, and even some, of the doctors and staffs.

    I went to fatima clinic(p campa st, manila) last wed and had everything done.. I even had my teehth cleaned because they are requiring me to get a certificate from my dentist. I was in a hurry and dont want to come back to their office because I am from the province. after PAYING(1200k php) and had my teeth cleaned(just visited my dentist 3mos ago), they did not require me a certificate anymore..

    then i submitted my urine sample at around 230pm, the med tech was angry and was like "why did you submitted now,why are you late?" damn ****, this staff. it was only 230pm and they will close at 3 or 4pm. aside from that, it is not my fault because the clinic told me to have my psych exam.

    i came back yesterday morning, and ask for the result.. I waited til a physician called me and told me that I have calcium oxalate in my urine.. WTH, to undergo further investigation and have utz done. He even told me that the surgeon in is and if a stone is seen, i may as well consult him.. i was like, **** you greedy doctors.. I told him, i have no history of stones and this result might be because of being in NPO for more than 8hours(i ate and drink last at 6pm of 09/01 til 230pm of 09/02) or the medtech got mad at me. Since it is only 500php, i decided to just pay. I had my UTZ (first time i had). then the doctor told me that everything was fine, exept that i have a small cyst in my left kidney in which treatment is not needed! (***, are you kidding! lol.. they did not even show me the result and film). I dont plan on paying you surgeon for a stupid diagnosis.. why?

    1. my father was advised by a clinic to undergo kidney operation, they said he has cyst on his left kidney(i was out of the country at that time). when i went home, my father thought of doing another UTZ. when i saw the result, everything was normal except for a slightly enlarged prostate(which,i think, is also normal for a 49year old male).

    2. my friend who will be going to MOH, global tech,, told me that his clinic put a congenital disease in his paper. WTH are these clinics doing? he got cleared and will depart on the 5th of sept.

    3. I had a conversation with a seaman, he told me taht he's clinic also advised him to undergo kidney operation. he did not agree, had a second opinion and the result was fine.

    I am very dissapointed with the Doctors in this clinic.. The hell did they become doctors here in the Philippines. If they want to earn money, they should earn it the right way.. they are ruiniung the Overseas workers financially and psychologically.. How would they feel if they were advised that they had to undergo an operation? when in fact they are healthy.

    i just called today for the blood result, they told me that hepc and another one is not finish yet. they also told me that i have to undergo HepB screening again. Why the hell didi GAMCA approved this clinic when the are not sure of what they are checking?! i finished my hepB vaccine last year, never been pricked(no job for a year) nor had any sexual activities for a year(my wifes out of the country).

    Its really really hard to find a job nowadays and worst that finding a job is loosing a lot of money to these agencies and medical clinics.. (I am 100 percent sure, that whichever agency you go, they will ask a photocopy of something.. and they will tell you that they have a xerox machine).

    It is fine to loose money to these greedy instituitions if we were just standing and earning in the hospital, but we're not. we work hard for it..

    btw, my CXR and UA is fine. and im 101% sure that i dont have any blood-borne disease.

    @male nurse - there is a possibility that you are a reserve applicant. I noticed that only 18nurses from gulf employment went to Kuiwat. most problably, it is either they dont have enough money or failed the medical exam.. as for me, i am thinking that i am also a reserve because 30nurses are supposedly to be sent per Kuwait agency.
  4. by   Dinx
    WOW !!! now I'm anxious as to how my Medical Exam goes...Do we have to keep coming back to the clinic to be examined further? Can't they do it in one setting? I am from Mindanao and staying in Manila for extended days is very expensive considering that I don't have anybody whom I can stay with while I'm there and rely on hotels and pension houses...Whew!!!
  5. by   Dinx
    Hi guys, have you heard the news that there is ongoing ban for kuwait by POEA? I have no further info though. Just got this from a friend.
  6. by   Julius_Stark699
    thats for Domestic helpers............and it is still a proposed ban.
  7. by   jepoy28
    gud day. i just want to clarify if how long should i wait to confirmed the flight date after booking?
  8. by   Piorf
    yes, as i have said before, Kuwait is the country where Filipinos are most abused. There are unreported harassments because in Kuwait, Arab people are always right.. I can wait for them to come here in the Philippines so I can beat the xxxx out of them..

    @jepoy - the booked(?) date would be your departure date once it is confirmed.

    just went to fatima clinic.. guess what?! my hepB result was .115 and it was normal. the ceiling value was .118 but the staff said that the director would like to confirm it and i should pay 200 pesos. i did pay even if ive already been vacinated and is 101% sure that i dont have hepb. i felt bad not because of the amount, but because of paying unnecessary fees. if only i can change the world. lol..
  9. by   Dinx
    @Piorf: Congrats, at least you are cleared already. So what's next after your medicals? Do you already have the flight schedule?
  10. by   Piorf
    no, i dont have yet. what adm told was to pay half of the placement fee once i have passed the medical. fatima clinic will forward my medical result this afternoon because they have to seal it first in GAMCA in UN street.

    I'll just wait for ADM to call me. hopefully, ill be able to depart in sept. as to my exp before, i was able to go to Kuwait 3weeks after i received my visa.
  11. by   jepoy28
    thanks piorf. but how long usually have to wait for the flight schedule?my agency told me that i already booked last august 20, 2011 and its almost more than 2 weeks up to now!and i dont have any confirmation from my agency.hope someone could help me!
  12. by   jepoy28
    to zephie814. do you have your flight schedule already? because we have the same company (swiss care).hope you could response to it.
  13. by   thaddeus
    Hi guys!

    No news yet re: our deployment?

    I'm from Mom's way btw (GN)..

    Hope to hear good news soon!

    Godspeed nurses!

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