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  1. by   urgexxx69
    guys, i'm new here... i came across this thread due to the fact that i am one of those people who'd rather earn money (regardless being a carer which to me is not degrading at all since they are part of the health care sector) than to wait for opportunities here in the philippines which we all know is non-existent...

    a month ago i attended at a job fair and got introduced to the idea of working overseas... there were offers in other countries as well such as canada, australia, uae and the uk... the most attractive program for me was the uk program.. so i went and grabbed all flyers from every agency that was present there...

    the following day, i went to seven of these agencies... after hearing what they had to say about the program, i noticed some consistencies in their offers...

    the BSc International Nursing Program (this ha nothing to do with the NVQ program)

    -we will be enrolled in a Uk university (as it is part of the requirement for the issuance of the CAS which is equivalent to 30 pts via point based sytem for a uk visa)
    -show money of 500k as of september 2010 (this is equivalent to 10 points which will complete the 40 pt requirement for the point based system)
    -as a student, there is a 17.5 hours per week during term time PAID OJT
    -as a student, you are allowed to work extra for a maximum of 20 hours per week (which totals to 37.5 working hours per week during term time which is about 30 weeks a year)
    -unlimited working hours during off-term time (about 22 weeks a year)
    - the placement is provided meaning everything from the house youll be staying to the jobs you will be doing is already taken cared of prior to departure from the philippines (you have the liberty to confirm everything in the UK by calling them directly)
    - although they compute the prospective income youll be getting through the minimum wage 5.8pounds (which they claim is about 90-120kpeso/month) you will actually get paid higher than the minimum wage which is 7-8 pounds depending on your workplace
    - the areas they deploy their students are strategically chosen to be far from london so that the cost of living wont be as expensive

    these are some of the commongrounds these agencies have although there are variations in their packages...

    now to me this is an attractive offer since ive been an RN for almost a year now... complete with all the necessary trainings in fact i have undergone spacialized traingings to have an edge so that my resume would look more impressive compared to the rest of the nurses here.... the problem is i live in metro manila and there is indeed shortage of vacancies for nurses.. you even have to pay as much as 6-10k in PUBLIC hospitals to gain entry as a volunteer.. now this to me is abuse to us nurses.... this is more degrading to me than to work as a carer in the UK... at least there, eventhough i wont be getting the experience as a nurse... at least i get paid waaaayyy better.... and to me that's not such a bad thing considering the financial situation of any country today.... the fact that my parents suppoted me for 4 years taking up nursing, i cannot subject them to any more expenditures such as asking money to gain entry for volunteer work and allowances during the volunteer work... thats too much... and im saying this because as an adult theyd expect much from me.. considering that in my case money is not a problem at all... but it would be shameful on my part if as an adult i still depended on my parents...

    ive already convinced my parents ta back me up financially for my application.... the agency i chose to apply with is student connect which is the partner of job connections in UK.... because of the things ive read here about ISA i decided not to pursue them...

    of course ive had hesitations... you will always have that thought, the what if??? the doubts.... since the amount of money involved here is no joke..thats why i went through these forums to enlighten me and help me decide...

    now since going through these forums did not actually give me answeres but only gave me more questions to daunt me....

    since we are all filipinos here, let us all help one another... what phases me is out of the many thousands who have already joined the program.. none has come out happy.... and all the testimonials these agencies posted on their sites are about how fast the visa issuance was.. and nothing about successful a nd content applicants....

    giys if you know someone who is already in the uk thriugh this earn while you learn program can you please pm me.. ill try to contack them and try to squeeze info from them... im doing my best to investigate....

    on of my plans is that ill try to write to the schools they claim theyre partners with, check the british embassy, and maybe even calls the schools there in the uk... i am 90 percent willing to accept the program but 10 percent hesitant....

    we have already confirmed their registratuion through the SEC.. but i know thats not enough... im really willing to do this than to wait here for nothing... but i have to be sure... hope u guys could help me because im already starting my application though i have not put out cash yet....

    anybody know anythimg about sudent coonect pls pls pls pm me....

    bless us all..
  2. by   urgexxx69
    @cozyguard can u pm me pls... i am considering applying at study connect.... i hope we cud communicate because i am curious with what happened to your frend... is he satisfied with her situation in the uk??? is it all worth it... i wud reallylike to know more since im thinking of applying for the uk.... tnx
  3. by   ThinkerBelleRN
    my friend works for ISA. We attended their orientation and its all **. I personally am not willing to put out such amount just to get a job. Uk is low on employment now. Its your money anyway. Do the math first, you will earn 90-120k pesos a month. How much will you pay for apartment? Food? Water? Electricity? Internet? Transportation? and finally TAXES(income tax, council tax, value added tax, excise duties, motor tax, national insurance, etc...) How much do you think will be left for you?
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  4. by   Yunazure
    Quote from mean_gurl98
    my friend works for ISA. We attended their orientation and its all **. I personally am not willing to put out such amount just to get a job. Uk is low on employment now. Its your money anyway. Do the math first, you will earn 90-120k pesos a month. How much will you pay for apartment? Food? Water? Electricity? Internet? Transportation? and finally TAXES(income tax, council tax, value added tax, excise duties, motor tax, national insurance, etc...) How much do you think will be left for you?
    Lol. How true. I also went to their orientation and I find it too good to be true. A load of **. Thanks but no thanks! I'd rather do hard work without spending huge amount of money from my parents' pockets. The money one spends as a volunteer is far less than what one would've spent here.
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  5. by   skye56
    @urgexxx69..PM for all your queries..

    anyway i'm under ISA with that course of international nursing..which is actually useless..your going to do essay's of thousand words and it's not that easy to pass..even if you finish that course you wont work as a's also very expensive to go to university days cause we have to stay in a lodge for a week..the promise of post study work is not guaranteed will be the one to work it out not ISA..and of course you have to pay for it..2k pounds i think..

    it's not the work that matters..but the cost of living even if you budget all your expenses it's still not enough..that 100-120k pesos salary a month is too good to be true..accomodation,transportation and food is very expensive's better if you have experience and pass your IELTS..apply as a nurse and you will enjoy your life here and still be able to send money back home..

    if you will spend 500k or more for a student visa, i tell you it's a waste of money..with that two years you won't be able to pay your will go home with no's a shame but that's the real situation here..

    and for your the news on,people from such agencies were detained as of yesterday..
  6. by   urgexxx69
    thank you for the info.... very helpful for us friends... 3 people have already given me negative comments about the program.... my professor who went there under ISA just emailed me today that ISA is indeed giving them a hard time... ill continue my research and ill post new infos here....
  7. by   vajoy
    im on visa processing and im about to leave last sept.11 for the GCU's opening of class by sept.13.. my visa is still w/ UK embassy with reason idk. w/ all thepost about ISA's unprofessionality, i really agree w/ that. they are good in asking for payment and after getting what they want, they will let you not know what to do next unless u call to their office. btw, im referring to ISA in Makati,Philippines.

    anyways, im still hoping that i'll have my visa released because i found out two days ago that the assessors of ISA where detained @ crame. reasons and speculations still unknown. i hope someone here knows why and what will happen to us,applicants as well as those who just left last sept.11? because the money we released is not a joke. its much to be wasted because of unprofessionalism of this staff and the company.

    i hope someone will inform me abt the whole scenario of ISA today
  8. by   ladygie24
  9. by   Yunazure
    Oh, that's just sad. I feel bad for those who got duped and shelled hundreds of the thousands of pesos for this lot of thieves (if they are indeed proven guilty)
  10. by   Silverdragon102
    Glad something has started to be done about these people that take advantage of others
  11. by   John Paul
    to : urgexxx69

    we also attended an orientation conducted by nsn worldwide located in leviste st. and i found their package a good can consider this agency coz of their transparency.everything was discussed especially the breakdown of of hertfordshire is one of their school.the package includes ielts fee and if you have already ielts they will deduct the amount of exam fee. their package is reasonable.attend first their free orientation so you can compare with others.
  12. by   spider_arn
    good day..

    we just have attended an orientation of ISA yesterday October 1,2010 here in Midtown Hotel in Cebu and i was really got hooked to it. I even had discussed it with my mother and yields a good result. Furthermore, I even shared such great opportunity with my close friends and they got interested as well but warned me to try to do some research as they are so many deceiving agencies popping out this times; thus, it opted to do some research to discern if it is a bogus or fact and it brought me to this site.

    I have just read the news article-sept 24, 2010 published by I wonder if their operations are still legal here in Philippines despite the outbreak of such incidence. The arrested staff, was even present during that Orientation (thick-skinned if ever!). If all accusations could have been true then thanks to CIDG-Anti-Transnational Crime Division.

    Now... the excitement has just fall six feet below the ground! and it really discourages me. I was so glad but in a split of a second, after reading the different views of people here and the occurrence of the published article, i am disappointed and sad that i have to remake my nursing career plans!

    So guys, do a little research if it excites u too much!
    Good thing i haven't laid any bread!
    if you fellow nurses have suggestions of other opportunities such as this and if it is clean then it is much appreciated. Thanks for the enlightenment. Thanks for the penlight hehehe ^^
  13. by   BrainGame
    I went to ISA's office to withdraw my application yesterday because of the news last Sept 24 and to my surprise the company is still operating and there are still applicants having their video interview at Faces & Shots. According to one of their staff, the company was cleared from the said charge in fact ISA is now filing a counter charge against the CIDG because of the faulty entrapment operation done in their office. Also, the owner of ISA was release from detainment. Given this fact, i still decided to withdraw my application and get my parents' money back... This company is not trustworthy... By the way i was surprise with their policy regarding refund, it would take 60 working days before I could get the money which is BS. The reason given to my by one of their staff was that there are many applicants who also filed for withdrawal.