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Hi y'all! I just graduated this March, will be taking the board in November. Since I have months of studying ahead of me, I'd like to ask for tips on how to top the board. Since I have all... Read More

  1. by   spongebob6286
    when i reviewed for NLE i just read the chapters summary not the entire book bec. i will ran out of time. you ahould already be done reading it page by page during your schooling. so basically you are just refreshing your memories. im not fond of memorization, i make sure i understand the context of what im reading.
  2. by   nr-rubi
    Thanks Spongebob8286 for the response... Yes you're right I should have done that when I was in school ( I was so dependent on handouts rather than the textbooks) But now there's no other choice but to study comprehensively using Saunders, how I wish I could finish the entire textbook. And maybe if I will I will top the board (OMG, just being positive... hehehe) In what year did you take the exams? anyways congratulations U.
  3. by   NursePao
    Nothing is impossible, all you have to do is to focus and set your priorities. Sacrifice some pleasurable activities during review, just think about it, you will be reviewing and sacrificing for just a few months but in return a lifetime privilege of becoming RN. Don't forget also to pray, pray and pray... offer to HIM your success
  4. by   dwyane_0033
    thank you all for a very informative discussion and sharing of ideas.. God Bless all!
  5. by   nr-rubi-rn
    Hello This is nr-rubi... I did it ... I just can't believe it... ... after all the failures... I'm an rn here in the Philippines... Thank you so much for your help and advice everyone... I used Saunders 5th edition and answered the entire cd reading the rationales and strategies... And Diane Billings' Lippincott's Q and A... I'm so thankful. and lastly to God Almighty Mama Mary and St. Joseph of Cupertino.
  6. by   nr-rubi-rn
    By the way I just self reviewed... no community content all nclex resources... Thanks Linda Ann Silvestri and Dianne Billings. UUU
  7. by   spongebob6286
    congrats nr rubi rn
  8. by   nr-rubi-rn
    Thanks spongebob6286 this was made possible because of the comments of helpful people and your one of those. U
  9. by   jrm24
    Quote from mommyrina
    Hi Messageinabox, if you don't mind me asking, where are you teaching? I have supplemented by income with teaching English (TOEFL, IELTS) for the last few years and am really interested to get a chance at teaching for nursing subjects as well. I hope it's not too bold for me to ask.
    Hi mommyrina, please help me pass my ielts, i am reviewing now and worried that i cant get 7 in speaking and most specially writing. THANKS!
  10. by   jrm24
    Quote from messageinabox
    Thank you porkfat.

    To answer your question, NO, even landing 5th did not increase my chances of being interviewed let alone being hired,hehehe. It is so sad. To date, I have "distributed" my resumes to almost ALL hospitals and still no response . I have my share of "Sorry, we don't accept applicants as of the moment and no we don't accept resumes even for manpower pooling" or "Sorry, we only accept resumes for manpower pooling from our own graduates".

    The only door that is open for me at this time is teaching. It can be fun and the pay is great but I really wanted to be a nurse. You know what, before the results was out I already have a pending application to Saudi but when I learned that I was one of the top examinees I felt this overwhelming patriotism and canceled my application to stay here as a nurse. Now, reality is getting back at me and as much as I wanted to stay here and serve, I felt that I have no place here at home.

    But I am still hoping for better days. Maybe it just bad timing with the global recession and all.

    Yes, it is true that the more you know, the more you don't know. But then again, you cant know everything. Good luck!
    Hi messageinabox, can u share me where did u apply for SAUDI? God bless!
  11. by   zareth
    I want to be a top notcher too. Actually I took the last NLE but I was unfortunate. I know it was all my fault because I wasn't studying hard enough. I enrolled in a review center but always came late or most of the time absent. The final coaching came, they told us to focus on this and that but only 20percent came out. I also read books but more or less 30mins or less only. Now I want to take the next NLE but I am confused if I would enroll in a review center or just study on my own but this time I'm gonna do my best and want to be a top natcher. Is it possible?
  12. by   greenjungle
    Can being a topnotcher get you a job ASAP in the PH or get you hired in the USA?
  13. by   princess choi
    Being a topnotcher may lead you to a job as a reviewer or a researcher of a review center, as what my friends who topped the board became.