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Just curious how many pinoys are on Please post to this message and please say where you're from and where you are now, if you're studying or already a nurse. And any other info... Read More

  1. by   imstrip fellow filipino nurses... im a fresh grad from cebu n havin a fast beatin hart for my NCLEX... haha... good to know ders lots of us here...
  2. by   Khandee
    hi everyone.. im khandee.. i just recently passed dec2006 NLE.. and curently looking for a job.. wish me luck! im glad to be part of this.. smooches to you all.. God bless
  3. by   czarina
    czarina fr makati here, batch 05!
    working but not in the hospital
  4. by   crs_27
    hi there! crs_27 from qc presently in abu dhabi,uae. been here for almost 2 years. waiting for my att...
  5. by   mattiya1326
    from QC. nursing student here
  6. by   terms48
    My friend, I'm sure you know .... be VERY careful about what personal information you dish out here. Your "interesting beginnings" could potentially work against you. I know you're proud of your accomplishments. Just a friendly reminder from a fellow RN who cares.
  7. by   simplylyn
    Hi all! i am from PI also a filipina but right now in Tx, USA. I do really want to study lvn here but i don't have any idea how the schooling works here ya know, the requirements to get to that program- the cost such as tuition fee, books, uniforms and stuffs like that. I don't even know what books to get to help me to pass as what they called Net exam oh geez don't even know what is that..maybe an entrance exam?? If anybody knows about lvn here in usa please let me know.
  8. by   Mcgyver
    Hi, I am a second courser from Quezon city.
  9. by   mushymash


    mash, from cavite still in cavite...hehehe
    0 nursing experience....
    awaiting employment...
  10. by   13th stranger
    will prefer to remain a stranger here. hehe.
    - batch 05, RN, +CG, +ielts
    - 4-5 months staff nurse..
    - curently seeking employment and studying my options..
    - cebu
  11. by   graceKelly
    hi! am originally from zamboanga city but am now a resident of pasig city.
    i will be starting BSN as a 2nd courser with UMAK's regis program on friday
  12. by   mango8
    count me in, im fr qc!
  13. by   Want2bcomeAnRN
    hello to all...... from Cebu. Now in US.

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