Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants - page 28

Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

  1. by   mischievous_Nurse
    Same dilemma here.. I Think my requirements are complete and good... I wonder what's wrong.... Yesterday I called CHMC to follow-up but the secretary told me to just wait.. I am worrying now because according to secretary. the exam will be only held till the end of this month (September).. Anyone here who didn't receive a text or a call from CHMC to have qualifying exam?
  2. by   optimistic,RN
    We're on the same boat mischievous nurse..Let's keep praying!! Miracles do happen!!
  3. by   Nurse_ian
    me i didnt receive any txt from them
  4. by   Mohcel
    I have called CHMC, the lady told me that they are now consolidating the result of the exam.. and will be calling sucessful applicants for the interview until 2nd week of October. God bless us who took the exam.
  5. by   piepie0005
    Really? I hope I get in.. Has anyone here been called for interview?
  6. by   hazelnutRN
    i'm really hoping for CHMC...bless me God..
  7. by   nurse_ghee28
    is CHMC still accepting applicant? ive just read all the comment right now... im interested to apply... I have 1 year experience and got a IVT license... thanks for any reply...
  8. by   mac168
    Can i still apply at Capitol? Or am I too late? please reply asap. . . Thank you.
  9. by   Mohcel
    i haven't recieve a call yet.. let's update each other if anyone gets a call. thanks
  10. by   johncfRN
    i really wanna work at chmc. i hope they call us for interview..
    anyway is anyone here has undergone the asian renal care training?
    is it worth it? cause 10 k is a big thing. and also it isnt refundable is it?
  11. by   kaycee1203
    can i know the contact details of CHMC? thank u.
  12. by   kaycee1203
    can i know the contact details of taguig doctors hosp? tenk u.
    r they still hiring for trainees?
  13. by   kaycee1203
    hello fellas. can i know any hospital open for hiring trainees? ur replies are highly appreciated. thank u very much.