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I caught wind about this group that is hiring experienced nurses to work privately inside the hospital. You know...for the exclusively rich and/or critical patients who wants one-on-one care. Can... Read More

  1. by   numag
    I really like to apply as pdn, I am icu nurse, I've worked for 11 years abroad, this time I really want to work here. Can you help me for this job offer? Thank you.
  2. by   neil tristan
    is there vacancies for SLMC PDN?
  3. by   RN Marita
    Hi, good day,
    Im interested to apply as PDN NURSE i dont know where to apply , i just finished my contract in K.S.A for 11 years
  4. by   mache88
    Hi Castarn,

    I'm a registered nurse, interested to become a private duty nurse in St. Lukes. I have work in critical area also before and now wanted to be a PDN. Can you please help me by giving their contact number?

    Thank you and Godbless!
  5. by   pam0024
    Hi CastaRn. ******** *********************** St. Lukes? I have 4yrs experience in a tertiary hospital (ER department)..
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  6. by   Silverdragon102
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  7. by   RN Here
    Hi, thank you so much for all your posts here. What a great help!

    By the way, Iam also interested. I worked in a government hospital for 3.5 years, general ward and neonatal ICU. How can I apply po? Thank you! God bless.