Filipino Nurse moving to California

  1. I am an BSN from the Philippines. I worked 2 years in the Philippines and 2 years in Oman, Muscat. I just got married to a US citizen and moving to Los Angeles in a couple months. It seems to be impossible to be a RN in LA right away but my questions are…

    If I chose to go back to school do my credits from the Philippines transfer to a college in the US? I’m guessing the will. Are people doing this? I don’t see a lot of post about this method? There are many accelerated nursing programs it seems both for ADN or BSN, even online. Though it really is unfair, it seems like I could get get a nursing degree in about 2 years.

    Just wondering if there are trends or routes people are taking or am I missing something.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    When it is difficult for US students to transfer credits I expect it to be even harder when coming from outside the US
  4. by   daxdagr8t
    There are concurrency issues with the philippine curriculum. You can do the LVN test right away although now they require you to go through academic credentials verification like cgfns, etc, I recommend eres since its quicker and cheaper. Other option is taking the test in other states but almost all states require ssn. I graduated in 2013, took the LVN route, just passed texas nclex and might relocating to soon.
  5. by   vinnyfromtheblock
    The only way that you will know you will or won't be eligible to take NCLEX-RN in California is to apply for the BRN. You already have your BSN degree, so you don't need to go back to a nursing school here unless if you are required to, just like other Philippine grads who are required to take up 1 or 2 courses only.

    If in case you are required to take up 1 or 2 courses, others have challenged the NCLEX-PN through the BVNPT while waiting for schools to accept them for the required courses. Others also have applied for other States, and have transferred there to gain experience. Others who have passed NCLEX-RN from other States have endorsed their licenses here in California, but still are required to take up courses while working as LVN/LPN. IENs have all the choices, and they all have different approaches to whatever results of the evaluation the BRN will give them. Good luck!