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I saw this after surfing the net. Press release 01/12/2011 The Department of Health (DoH) today announced that applications can be filed starting next week, January 17, for its project... Read More

  1. by   denz_rn
    done with my registration..
    I hope i will be accepted..
  2. by   khimmy RN
    Finally! done with the registration...i hope i'll get the advice from dole regional office soon!

    here's the site:
  3. by   mustihayya
    hey can i edit my application some how?? what do i do???
  4. by   soon2begrad2010
    Someone shared this article with me and I thought it was interesting
  5. by   amazingraceRN
    Quote from hazelnutRN
    just submitted my application.. when this program will start?? and whats the duration of the program?
    It's a one year program.
  6. by   amazingraceRN
    Quote from banchan
    Hi to everyone. I don't want to be a party pooper but I think there are some drawbacks to this program.

    RN Heals is similar to DOH's NARS Program. You will not be employed in a hospital setting here but will be in the community, barangay or health centers. RN Heals program is launched in partnership with DSWD and the LGUs of the participating municipalites/provinces. If you are a newly registered nurse and wants to hone your skills or apply the theories you learned from academic preparation to a clinical setting, then I suggest that you opt for a volunteer position in a hospital. Just make sure that it is for free. But, if community nursing is your passion then I suggest that you push thru.

    Also, as what I 've heard from those who participated in the NARS program, the salary is always delayed. I've worked as a staff nurse in a government hospital before so I know that when they mean delayed, it is really DELAYED. My contract ended in the month of March but I got my salary for that month in May.

    Again, if you like community nursing or you are just waiting for an application for a nursing position locally or abroad and is just killing time or someone who really needs an income as of the moment, RN Heals may not be a bad idea.

    Remember that if you are bound to work abroad (which most of us are), COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING is NOT considered as an experience because employers still prefer hospital experience.
    Hi! I was part of NARS Project. It was a 6 months program for community and clinical service. We were serving the community (Municipal Health Center) for 3 months. And for the another 3 months, we were sent to our Provincial Hospital for clinical experience (hospital setting). So, it is not true that we were only serving in the health centers of our municipality. Try to research more about this program.

    Well as stated to the RHheals website. This is a one year program and consisting of community and clinical service too, as similar to NARS. Maybe, it will be a 6months community and a 6months clinical experience (hospital setting). Read more information of this project from this link

    About the salary, yes, it was delayed for the first giving of our salary (2weeks delayed... I think due to our Landbank ATM issue). But after then, as every 15 days, there's always our allowance. So, due to 2 weeks delay, we still got our last allowance after two weeks of the program.
  7. by   amazingraceRN
    Guys, if u are having problem registering... Try this link I used that link to register myself earlier this morning.
  8. by   lyrem
    hello everyone!just want to clear things up. if ever we were hired, where are we going to be deployed? was it in the hospital or in the community? also, this program is for one year, right? thanks!
  9. by   calamarifries
    I'm also reloading the page till now, hopefully I will get a control number. (patience is a virtue)
    Can I choose the municipality near my place?
  10. by   calamarifries
    Thank yoy Khimmy_RN for the link

    here's the site:

    I'm still waiting for the page to reload. Can I choose the municipality near my place?

    To all Nurses here hopefully we will be chosen but first we should get our control number (Patience is a virtue
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    Quote from soon2begrad2010
    Someone shared this article with me and I thought it was interesting
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  12. by   lovelyann_23
    do you think it will have a second batch like nars program????.... coz 10,000 vacancy was not enough when it comes to number of nurses who dont have experience nowadays.... i hope they open different batches so that they can accommodate all the deserving applicants
  13. by   arciRN
    hellow fellow nurses.. just wanted to ask,how come that everytime i click select on municipality it goes back to the first page..