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hi. does anyone here have tried applying in afp medical center for rn residency this is a six months training. i just want to ask if they have physical requirement to those aspiring applicant? what... Read More

  1. by   yeng_27
    yes it is required..
  2. by   yarr0w
    Thanks for the info. I won't be able to make it. I just have my duty uniform with me. God bless to those who are able to take the exam tom. ^_^
  3. by   izzagee
    i hope they open up again for those who want in!
  4. by   Gracie Sarmiento
    hello mam/ sir...i would like to ask what time on December 16 would the result of exam be posted? thank you....
  5. by   shajanie
    hi.... i recently passed the dec.2011 nle and after the nurse registration this march 2012 ill be searching for hospitals that accepts nurse volunteers without experience.... i want to inquire if when will be the next exam for rn residency this 2012.... thank you and godbless!
  6. by   gersiel
    hi, i just like to ask if there is someone here who knows the director and the chief nurse of AFPMC as of febuary 2012? I need their names for my application letter. Thanks a lot.
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Please remember we request that names are exchanged via PM and not on the public forums
  8. by   gersiel
    @Silverdragon102 - I'm really sorry I did not know. Can you please tell me how to request those names? Please I really need it. Thank you.
  9. by   winkies
    for RN residency, do I need to have a volunteer work experience? I just passed NLE 2012.
  10. by   hopefuljesh
    Hi, everyone! Do you happen to know whether there still are upcoming test schedules for this year? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  11. by   yourstruly
    i think it's on november
  12. by   hopefuljesh
    Thank you, yourstruly, for that information. Cheers!
  13. by   winkies
    for those who are knowledgeable. kindly update us for the RN residency program. thanks you so much! )