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hi. does anyone here have tried applying in afp medical center for rn residency this is a six months training. i just want to ask if they have physical requirement to those aspiring applicant? what... Read More

  1. by   glycan
    greetings, i would like to know if this residency program obliges those who pass the screening to live in AFP quarters for 6 months or you still live in your own home and just go to AFP medical center everyday? thanks..
  2. by   glycan
    follow up question... plus is that true that after the 6 month program if however you're not absorbed by the hospital to be a regular employee, you will be given a certificate of employment (meaning your 6 months training is considered to be a period wherein you were employed?)
  3. by   rvtb86
    Good day. I just would like to inquire about the step by step process in applying as a Nurse Corp in AFPMC (V.Luna MC). Thank you. :redlight:
  4. by   humblebee
    hi guys im new here. i like to ask about the interview is it panel or you have to sit with other nurses. What are the topics to be reviewed my cousin will have her interview and she would like to know some tips its her first time
  5. by   alexidinks
    Actually it's panel. 4 people will interview you and ask you personal questions and stuff about nursing. So, your cousin better prepare. The interview lasts very long. Honestly. I felt like I was being interrogated but not entirely in a negative way. They're just doing their jobs.
  6. by   humblebee
    thank you for answering what topics should she mostly focus on? she is really excited and nervous at the same time
  7. by   alexidinks
    Well, they will be asking about nursing procedures. Tell your cousin that she needs to review some of them. Btw, when is her interview? I think the list for RN residents are already finalized.
  8. by   humblebee
    sorry for the confusion. Btw my cousin told me that she will be taking the test but i dont know when. sorry for the advance question. It seems that i confused things up the questions were from another hospital that she applied for. I actually thought that she was talking about vluna . It seems like she is going to apply for the next batch thanks for answering my questions.
  9. by   glycan
    update* is it true that after the 6 month training a certificate of employment is given instead of certificate of post graduate training? and is the rn residency requires you to live in the quarters of afp med ctr thanks.

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  10. by   kmR.N.
    To those who weren't able to qualify in the exam, are you still allowed to take the exam again?
  11. by   mikeru22
    Yes...I remember the proctor saying some applicants take the exam again and again until they pass.
  12. by   kmR.N.
    @mikeru22: Thanks for the reply!
  13. by   mikeru22
    Quote from kmR.N.
    @mikeru22: Thanks for the reply!
    You're welcome kmRN