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hi. does anyone here have tried applying in afp medical center for rn residency this is a six months training. i just want to ask if they have physical requirement to those aspiring applicant? what... Read More

  1. by   mrasa20
    Quote from abby0411
    welcome! nope...i will going to take the exam this coming nov.16..hehe...god bless us..hope we can enter the said AFP program..
    great..well, GOD BLESS!

    when did you register for the qualifying exam?
  2. by   animeRN
    Hi tinky,RN just want to ask about the uniform, is it ok for me to wear Duty uniform of a nurse or a uniform of Student Nurse during the exam...thanks for the reply
  3. by   unemployed nurse
    Hi! I also took the Qualification exam last month... Can somebody post here if na-release na results. Thanks!!
  4. by   official02
    Let's wait for another month for the list of successful examinees. I can't wait. I hope I'll pass.
  5. by   iamprecious
    hi there, just wanna ask after the residency training program, what happened next? may chance ba na naabsorb yung mga nagtrain? how can we apply as a staff nurse? and where is do we apply po? thanks a lot
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  6. by   iamprecious
    hi, just wanna ask what happned next after the residency training program? are there any chance that the trainees were absorbed? thanks!
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  7. by   animeRN
    Hi just want to ask what kind of uniform you wear during the exam? for female (nurse uniform) thanks for the reply...;-)
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  8. by   official02
    Somebody told me that their training is not assurance of direct hiring after it, I think you need to still pass the requirements first. Atleast, the training is free.
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  10. by   juella
    hello guys. read your posts and it's nice to know that training is for free. is there any specified clothes that needs to be worn as to the registration process only? where exactly inside v-luna should i register if ever? thanks for those who will reply. =)
  11. by   tinky,RN
    hi everyone!

    there is no dress code when you have your exam scheduled but during the exam itself you are required to wear your white duty uniform.
  12. by   loreliebautistarn
    no need 4 u to submit ur resume and other requirement. you just need to log there for the exam schedule, then on the date of the exam go there early as possible because thousand of applicants go there to take the exam. Also, before the exam you need to pay 30pesos. I also heard that the passing grade in the RN residency is about 80-85. So good luck to you and god bless.
  13. by   official02
    Before going there for the exam every Monday and Wednesday, you need be registered first. Registration only includes listing your name on the date of exam provided. You have to be in complete clinical/duty uniform during the exam and need to pay 30 pesos and show your PRC License. You have to wait for the exam to start (It was actually LATE, my exam time was 8:00, they started it, 9:20 am) and wait for examiner's to discuss the exam and training elimination process. The exam is 100 item, multiple choice and multiple response type of questions. You have to shade the answer on the provided answer sheet and submit it to exam officer. Afterwhich, you (we) to wait for the exam result. I counted all the trainees on their present RN Residency Training posted on their bulletin board and it's 121. If there's around 2,000 who took the exam, roughly you (we) only have less than 15% of getting in because of the backer system.