UBC Nursing 2010-2011

  1. Hello,

    Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process?

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  3. by   akardan
    Is it UBC Vancouver or UBC- Okanagan?
    I'm almost graduation from UBCO and the process for me (and I'm talking about 4 years ago) was a long one. I got accepted by June 29th.
  4. by   39bcgirl
    I'm applying to UBC - I plan to send my supplemental application soon. I am not sure what format they are looking for -essay style or point form. Also, in your experience, what are the demographics of the class? Are most students straight from university or do many come from previous careers?

  5. by   akardan
    Well as I said, I'm in UBC-O but I've worked with some nurses who graduated from UBC Vancouver. From what I heard, usually most students come from previous careers either related (ie. BC ambulance) or completely unrelated (ie. engineering) to nursing.
    In my class approx. 50% of students came fresh out of high school. The rest were mature students who some of them worked for a while to make their minds, or joined the program with another degree like myself. They were some students who joined us in the 2nd year as LPN from bridge program.
    I stared the class with 120 students and now there are 102.
  6. by   akardan
    And sorry that was July 29th when I got accepted.
  7. by   MPKH
    I was accepted to the nursing program at UBC Vancouver for the Sept 2009 intake, so I can answer some of 39nurse's question.

    Supplemental--they don't say, but I personally think paragraphs work better than point form. It's just rather difficult to elaborate on your extracurricular activities with point form alone. As well, point form might be looked down as "unprofessional", so I went with paragraphs. Everybody that I've talked to recalled writing their supplemental in prose. I suppose point form can work too...but I just really don't see how you can use point form to really expand on your extracurricular activities.

    Demographics--the average age seem to be mid 20's-early 30's. There are 7 guys out of the class of 89. The majority of the class comes with previous career/academic experiences.
  8. by   39bcgirl
    Thank you Tranquility!

    I had friends review my supplemental -which I wrote in essay form. They were concerned I might get points deducted for assuming it has to be complete sentences. I sent the admissions clerk this question twice and did get a reply, but did not get a definitive answer as to what format they are looking form....

    but I agree with what you said.

    Thank you!
  9. by   jeffy604
    Hey Ark
    What was your high school average to get into UBC-O
  10. by   akardan
    I believe it was high 90s but the requirement for the time was about 85ish. This is not to be said that people with lower average didn't get in. If you're really curious I can ask someone on campus and get back to you as I'm doing my final semester here yet.
  11. by   jeffy604
    Sure, my average isn't really that high its around ~75s trying to get it to a 85 =(
  12. by   akardan
    Hi Jeffy
    Are you a mature student though or you're coming straight from high school?
  13. by   jeffy604
  14. by   akardan
    ok... I guess you're gonna be fine though I sent an email to someone at school.
    have you done volunteer's job or worked at all?