Tips for placement students?

  1. Hey all,

    So I have just finished my first year as a PN student, thanks to those who answered my questions last year regarding the profession. In my first year we had two placements, one in LTC and one in Maternity. I enjoyed both, but found that we consistently had nothing to do and were looking for some sort of busy work.

    So with year two starting, and two more placements (Community Nursing and Mental health) I thought I would just ask two quick questions for the seasoned nursing staff we have on here:

    1) Any tips on how to avoid bothering the nursing staff?
    - I'm sure some of you have had students in before, anything I should stay clear of? During down times I would try and find some busy work (Cleaning and restocking carts mostly) and ask questions.

    2) Any tips on things you would like to have student ask or do?

    I know it's going to vary from place to place, but honestly any feedback from others who've had to deal with nursing students (Males in particular if applicable) in their workplace, and how you felt it could've gone better would be very helpful!

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Fiona59
    If your patients don't have wall mounted BP cuffs, don't hog the portables. Students are terrible with them. Don't assess your patient when it's vitals time. Get the vitals, return the cuffs to the hallway and assess as you go.

    Don't hog the charts. The nurse responsible for your patient needs to know about them as well.

    I hated my Psych rotation. Did well, but I knew even then I wasn't a Psych nurse. Just remember there are a lot really manipulative patients up there who will play you off against the staff. Psych nurses are a very different breed.

    The nurses are there to help you learn your skills not completely train you, that's your school's role. Ask us questions but if you really haven't done a skill, it's really not my job to walk you through a "trial run"

    We know our patients, that's why we can interact with them the way we do. We aren't cruel, we aren't patronising. We know what works.

    We were also students once and idealistic and were planning to always do it the text book way. So if we do it differently from the ivory tower of training college, remember we have our reasons.

    We aren't out to get you, hate you, or eat you alive. We just want you to become good nurses.

    Oh, and for the love of all that's holy, don't tell us that you are only doing the PN diploma as a stepping stone to getting your BScN. You have to larn to be a good PN first.
  4. by   loriangel14
    Answer call bells. Even if it's not "your" patient. We love students that aren't afraid to answer bells. Ask nurses if they need help. Don't argue when we tell you something.(we just had one like that) or get huffy when we suggest that you come and help with something like a giant code brown.
  5. by   Hatt
    Great Advice! Thanks