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  1. I got my sec result today.. I wish i just can go back for a refresher course.. What are the grounds for the commitee to decide to take the 4years program instead of 1? Thank you all.. Committee will likely make one of two decisions:1)***** You must complete a new Bachelor of Nursing Degree:* In this case, you would be eligible for registration upon completion of a BSN program that is recognized by CRNBC's Board.* You can find a list of recognized BSN programs on our website. **After completing such a program, you could re-apply for registration.**2)***** You must complete a Re-entry to Practice Program: In this case, you would be eligible for registration upon completion of a Re-entry to Practice Program.* You can find information about re-entry programs on our website. *
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    SEC assessments are required for those applicants whose education isn't easily determined to be equivalent to that of Canadian-educated nurses. The point of the assessment is to evaluate the applicant's knowledge base and skills performance compared to any entry-level Canadian-educated nurses. We all know that nurses don't stop learning when they graduate from nursing school, and the SEC gives applicants the benefit of the doubt. If you're being told you much complete a full four-year baccalaureate degree to be registered in BC it means that your educational preparation, knowledge base and skills performance do not meet minimum requirements for entry to practice. A determination that the applicant needs the re-entry/refresher program means that the basics of competence are there but there may be gaps that can easily be filled by a one-year refresher. Nurses in Canada MUST perform at a high level of competence and autonomously in a very technical environment. That is why IENs have such complex assessments.
  4. by   kitim
    I didn't get the response: what was the result of your SEC? First part, second or both for your choice?