Path to become a Wound Care nurse specialist ?

  1. Hello,

    Lately, I've been doing some career planning.
    I am a recent graduate nurse who has a strong passion for wound care nursing.
    I would like to know the path it takes to become a wound care nurse specialist in Canada. Can someone who is in this field outline the steps to become a WC certified nurse ?

    I know that at some point we are recommended to take a IIWCC course with UofT and/or a Masters in Wound Healing / Wound Care after working for some years. However, as a new grad nurse, what should I do now to prepare for that?

    Do you recommend that I look for a job in med/surg, LTC, community/home care or other specialties? Or does it not matter which field in nursing I work in as long as I get to manage wounds as part of my nursing job ?

    Thanks for your help !
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  3. by   theRPN2b
    You would manage a lot of wounds in home care nursing (and also quite a few in LTC or med/surg). But in order to become a clinical nurse specialist for wound care, a Master's degree is what you'll need. In my hospital we have 2 or 3 skin&wound care clinicians (RNs that have specialized in this area,have a master's degree in this), so if you work in an area that has these kind of clinicians,when you see them around ask them for any recommendations they have.
  4. by   Parrhesia
    Thank you so much for the advice. I've just commenced my first job as a community health nurse & home care nurse and I've been definitely seeing some wounds.
  5. by   wheresthecharge
    You do not necessarily need a Master's to be a wound care specialist.
    However, you do need experience on which you are working on! Congratulations!
    Certification in wounds is a common listed required or expected qualification for this position.

    This can easily be done at a college or university under continuing education.