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  1. would it be possible to have a special thread section for Canadian nurses? I have just returned fromNC and realize how different the systems are and ditto the issues facing nurses on either side of the border. Our options for dealing with issues are different too.
    also could we have a specialty section called "independent practice' This is agrowing area of interest for lots of nurses esp. us well seasoned nurses who may not have to work full time anymore and want to do something useful but on our own terms. This area would be a great resource for others too. Thanks.
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  3. by   Jay-Jay
    YES! I would love to see a BB for Canadian nurses, and am volunteering to moderate it! Brian, how about it??

    With plans for the Ontario Nurse's march going full steam ahead, and Nova Scotia nurses narrowly avoiding a mass resignation to protest Govt. legislation, it would also serve as a place where we could exchange ideas about nurse activism, and keep up on the latest developments and news stories involving Canadian nurses.

    Let's do it!!

    Jane Fuller (Jay-Jay)
  4. by   Brian
    deekay and Jay-Jay,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have created a Canadain Nursing Discussion forum for Nursing issues that are unique to Canada. I have made Jay-Jay the moderator as well.

    You can find it under All Nursing Topics:
  5. by   Jay-Jay
    Thank you so much, Brian!!

    All right, all you fellow Canucks, let's get posting!
  6. by   deekay
    here in Ontario we are losing respite services in a lot of Home Care offices, many case managers are only too aware that respite was keeping many home caregiving situations going and that likely one or both ppeople will end up in institutions as a result of these cutbacks. Any ideas? the premier is deaf to the opinions of the health care professionals.
  7. by   Jay-Jay

    I am in homecare nursing, and we have been hit VERY hard by the latest cutbacks. My caseload has dwindled almost to nothing in the last month. Prior to this, we were already having a great deal of difficulty recruiting and retaining nurses. Now it is going to be much much worse.

    For the short term, I have no concrete answers, other than talking to as many people as you can, and making them aware of how cutbacks are affecting patients and nurses. Write the local papers, write your MP and MPP.

    For the long term, well, I hope to see you at Queen's Park next May for the Ontario Nurses' March. You should be hearing more about it shortly. The proposed date is Saturday, May 11th. Keep it open!